Monday, 23 April 2012


On St. George's Day, celebrating that transnational Greek /British/ French/ Russian /Chinese etc. heroic slayer of dragons, which is also my wife's and my 47th wedding anniversary, and prompted by a call in New Scientist magazine, 21st April, to close the sociopathic gulf between the Haves and Have-Nots, the overpaid and the underpaid - it is appropriate to revive the futuristic and heroic wealth-distributing "Birthright" and slay the dragon of insatiable human greed.

"Birthright" was born from European Commission discussions in the 1990's in Brussels about The Information Society - The Electronic Revolution - Automation - and the embryonic Internet, which concluded with the great news that mankind (including women) had worked hard to abolish work (hard, crippling, tedious, necessity work) ...and had succeeded. The downside was that necessity jobs would increasingly disappear. Today, with significant percentages of young people without jobs and millions otherwise occupied as older students and supermarket packers, that prediction is demonstrably coming true.

Centuries before we abolish money completely - as in the book AD2516 - we MUST, for our own survival share out today's unprecedented wealth. Or the only consumers left, able to buy any products and services of the wholly automated economy, will be Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, The Royal Family, Chinese Billionaires, Footballers and mad dictators; while the rest of us huddle in tent cities, our houses boarded up by the Courts, beset by debt collectors, stripped and beaten by bailiffs - without any hope of paid work or disposable income ...ever. Birthright is a sensible, fair, evolutionary, not revolutionary, method of distributing wealth and liquidity, from birth, in a way that creates more wealth.

How else will the next generation of babies - born helpless and naked into this world of grasping, aggressive, greedy, crazed, selfish, purblind, armed, gated "owners" - new babies with no hope of ever finding paid employment - How will they get a share of the vast wealth created by the intelligence and toil and sacrifices of the past 5,000 years?

The dragons guarding their hoards of gold will hiss and scream with rage and vomit fire at the huddled masses who dare to approach - but we must be heroic and slay, or peaceably reform, the dragons.

Bring in Birthright, now.

23 April 2012.

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