Sunday, 8 April 2012

An Easter Essay on the Aether for Atheists, Humanists and Theists. CREATURES OF LIGHT - TILL THE END OF DAYS

An Easter Essay on the Aether for Atheists, Humanists and Theists.

Easter Sunday 8th April 2012.

On the Spring Equinox, as the Sun ends hoary old Winter and gives Life to fertile new Spring – as Jesus is reborn from the implacable grip of Death to triumphantly give Birth to a new era of unconditional Love – as gardeners plant seeds to be tugged into glorious growth by the Moon – as Jews give thanks for the deliverance in Egypt of the First Born - as sea-level is anxiously monitored at The Thames Barrier that protects London – and as fond friends exchange symbolic eggs – there are a few, an intelligent minority, some of them scientists with high IQs, who stomp on the spring flowers, glower at the global celebrations and mutter “humbug”.  These sad lonely soured souls have nothing they can believe in.

But, this message from the manmade magical blogosphere; enabled by the mysterious transmission through metal wires, printed circuits, silicon wafers, thin-air and allegedly empty-space-time, of, we firmly believe, trillions of utterly invisible sub-atomic particles and extraordinarily well ordered, eternal, coherent electro-magnetic spherical pulses, waves, that speed out to the boundaries of the Universe …and back again – might inspire them all; believers and unbelievers alike, to recognise their own immortality.

The fundamental stuff of our universe is an ever-changing matrix, a criss-crossing, of these very same coherent, indestructible waves that scientists study and manipulate and that the entire population unwittingly but undeniably experience energising their mobile-phones, radios, televisions, Ipods, laptops, Mars Explorers and – if they pause to think for a moment – their own brains and nervous systems. We are all, along with all phenomena, with every material thing, embedded in and formed by these electro-magnetic waves.  Each of us starts as a seed-within-a-seed-within-a-seed, inside our great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother (you might like to count how many mothers you come from) – a seed that we can track scientifically back to about 1750 where it magically existed in a sphere smaller than the Planck minimum – which scientifically cannot exist – but we or it did; and with a little help from just one, per generation, of billions of otherwise superfluous and abandoned male spermatozoa, maybe at their wriggling and bumptious best at Easter, our unique selves emerged. The energy patterns from which we, undeniably, emerge are electro-magnetic - commonly and collectively known as Light. We are all Creatures of Light.

23 Aether-Matrix Illustrations

We at all times, without pause or effort, transmit every movement and every thought, electro-magnetically, into the stuff of the universe, that I call the Aether-Matrix. This Aether-Matrix is both incredibly delicate and extraordinarily indestructible. It changes to accommodate all the signals from all phenomena – it is constantly informed and reformed by those signals – yet it is also the Inertia of the universe, another mysterious and immensely powerful force that keeps Galaxies and Atoms in shape and in their places, and prevents boiled eggs from falling through the surface of the table. We all emerge from, inform and reform and return to the Aether-Matrix. Our unique message, our light-waves persist and are coherent, scientifically speaking, until The End of Days.

Happy Easter.

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