Sunday, 29 April 2012

"ET ...Phone Home"

Your universal home is where your deoxyribonucleic acid is.

I recently watched a beautiful true-life Australian film The Rabbit Proof Fence, set in the 1920's, where three little aboriginal girls, cruelly wrenched from their parents by bone headed, stubborn, persistent British administrators, walked 1,200 miles home – partially navigating by a fence erected to contain the plague of rabbits, thoughtlessly introduced by British colonists.

It reminded me that whenever I travel, unconsciously I map out how to walk home, and on what compass bearing. This homing instinct has been with me always. Homesickness has been officially recognised for thousands of years as potentially rapidly fatal to soldiers, when fighting wars far from home. They would simply take to their beds and die. The only cure was to return them home. Sci-Fi master Douglas Adams alludes to it when a glance from Ford Prefect, a traveller from another galaxy, shockingly conveys to a London publican just how far Ford is from home. Steven Spielberg’s ET brilliantly plays on our shared deep unconscious yearning in the Extra Terrestrial’s sad whisper - “ET Phone Home”

We are all products of our home soil. Science can tell from old bones where the owners were born, lived, travelled, who and what their parents, descendants and credit ratings were, and what they ate. The earth and water of our homeland, cunningly wrought by patterns from the Aether, inertia, sunlight and starlight into the energetic dissipative creatures we are, writes its unique signatures into every atom of our being. Photonic and sub-atomic entanglement ensures that wherever we may roam the focal points of our physical construction call to us, via the Aether, at all times. If you did happen to wander into a galaxy 10,000 light years distant, the local friendly scientists could analyse your chemistry and quickly locate your precise origins – whether they could ship you home is another question.

For future space travellers – for example on the Space Chimney Drive craft in AD2516 – as they move further and further from Earth, their homeland beacon links will stretch, infinitely, and for some the unconscious message of great distance will invoke the most unassuagable homesickness ever experienced. As with medieval soldiers and sailors – the only remedy to save them from certain death will be to send them home.

29 April 2012.

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