Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Total surveillance of YOU! 
by Sinister Agents of RIPA

The intended HM Government surveillance of ALL Internet traffic by the UK's GCHQ radio interception centre at Cheltenham, takes the world a step nearer the Q-Field in AD2516-After Global Warming, where eleven billion citizens have a priceless diamond PC on their foreheads, connected both to their brains and to the quantum-field of communications.

While the civilised, advanced and democratic people of 2516, living in a world without money, illness, want or poverty; and bless the global, indeed universal, telecoms - We here today in AD2012 are going to experience interesting times as governments, corporations and lunatics of all types try to control all our communications on today's  fledgling Internet.

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee created hyperlinks and the World Wide Web at CERN, on the foundations of the USA's "nuclear hardened" military telenet, he envisaged it as free, open, non-commercial, intelligent, private and beneficial.

As control freaks pervert its development and route our every exchange via spies, spooks, snoops, police, employers, medics, head-teachers, data-marketeers and nosey neighbours, I foresee that a 2nd Wave WWW, the 2WWW, will quickly be created by alienated and new ISPs, innovative hardware enigineers, useful free websites like Wikipedia, impertinent emerging economies and disrespectful, disobedient users everywhere. Initially, the 2WWW will be the intelligent-cooperation network that Tim Berners-Lee hoped for. It will almost certainly be hand-held, wireless, global and low cost. This 2nd Wave Internet is the tool that will evolve and eventually give birth to the marvellous and indispensable Q-Field of AD2516.

* RIPA is the UK's existing intercept law. "We only seek to protect you from paedophiles, criminals & terrorists."  Rt. Hon David Cameron MP - Prime Minister.


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