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25th May 2012


The mad woman in the attic - from Jane Eyre
A standing joke among my siblings is that our family was so dysfunctional that we locked the sane people up in the attic.

It is not an entirely accurate definition of our parent-child relationships, with dutiful, hardworking, sober, condom-free parents clothing, feeding, housing and educating six ungrateful monosyllabic kids. But many English families will recognise the metaphor.

Dysfunctional families cease to be amusing when parents stuff plastic bags into their teenage daughters’ mouths, pin them down and suffocate them to death; allegedly as did the unrepentant Warrington couple.

Shafilea Ahmed's parents jailed for her murder 
Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 25 years for killing their teenage daughter. (UK 2004).

If they were in a zoo, the keepers would anticipate their murderous, incestuous, psychopathic intent and separate the children from such insane primates – who populate our Fairy Tales and myths as Wicked Stepmothers, violent ogres, angry Gods, cannibalistic witches and other crazed monsters. Like Fred and Rosemary West, these people are conscienceless, narcissistic psychopaths, so far removed from sane society that they do not even know what their crimes are.

They are also unrelenting control freaks and terrible bullies.

Sociopaths are as narcissistic and insane as psychopaths, but have just enough awareness that others exist – and might arrest them – to dissuade them from crude violence. They also are conscienceless bullies who only see others as competitors and, if weaker, then fit for exploitation. Sociopaths lurk in the guise of cheats and liars in business, employers who pay less than a living–wage, by definition consigning people they work with eight hours a day to ever increasing inescapable debts and no life. Slave owners had the same instincts. Powerful sociopaths in governments, banks, cash-hoarding corporations and the private, tax-evading “Free Markets”  are currently depriving society of sufficient re-investment and cash (society’s bookkeeping) to enable normal transactions and lives – such as having a job, a home, travel, health-care and good food; while their hoarded cash, gouged from communities, soars in value.

Like murderous psychopathic parents, convinced they are doing the “honourable” thing, sociopaths also convince themselves of the righteousness of their relentless bullying. However much they have, they want more, and they want others to have less, so they become relatively more and more powerful. The others should have lower wages, lower pensions, longer work hours, lower social security, pay more tax and live on sink estates, breeding ever cheaper child prostitutes; a return to real Victorian values. It is time that the 99% refused to continue to be victims.  

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