Tuesday, 5 June 2012


We cannot progress to a bright future until the primitive, hostile, chaotic, cruel Money-Economy and its “Free Markets” for crazed gamblers, evolve into sanity.

SANITY: Europe is at last embracing the inevitable by forming a banking-union to underpin all its banks with common laws, cross-guarantees and standards. Whatever it is called, this is nationalisation, sanity and commonsense, stepping forwards from superstition, magic and fairy-tale “self-balancing” economies; out of the dark ages into the light. The world has to nationalise and rationalise the money-economy. IBM computers will soon tell us hour by hour what the bank balances are between all banks, all countries and all institutions. No more surprises.

INSANE EVIL: The USA is reacting against global monetary sanity by offering support & succour to the worst, most evil LOAN SHARKS, in the name of the Free Markets. For example the SEC welcomes the coming flotation of WONGA that, with others, already boasts more than 1.9 million UK victims locked into inescapable debt at 4,225% APR (Yes – that really is four-thousand-two-hundred-and-twenty-five percent interest a year) imposed on the very poorest. No reports tell how these gangsters enforce their contracts on people earning below a living-wage (which means being unable to live and so sinking ever deeper into the depths of hell). £100 borrowed by a family and rolled up for 7 years totals more than the whole US National Debt.

FORGIVENESS & HEALING: Fortunately – as an act of supreme generosity to mark this Golden Jubilee Year, the 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth 11’s Coronation and continuing role as Head of State – Her government has commanded The Bank of England to withdraw licenses from all loan-sharks, shut them down and to re-issue their victims’ debts at Base Rate 0.5% a year. The capital sum is trifling in City terms – less than £500M – but the immense relief to 2 million families is a great liberating joy for mankind. The gangsters will be publicly beheaded at the Tower of London.  The next step by joint-edict from The Queen and President Obama is refinancing all debts charged at more than 5% APR at Base Rate, as a major grassroots Quantitative Easing, which will boost the global economy and reverse the recession and austerity. A "living-wage" law will be introduced world-wide for all workers.

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