Saturday, 9 June 2012


THE FUTURE FOR BANKERS?  It will be no surprise to people who have read AD2516 that the future for bankers is ZERO. In the future there will be no financial sector. The money-counters and money-lenders will at last be driven from the temple – or, more gently, will be replaced by the ultimate internet, the Q-Field. The inescapable logic is that most goods now and ultimately all goods and services will be provided robotically, automatically by computerised factories and offices. Necessity work will no longer be necessary. Anyone who denies this is a deluded fool.

So who owns and will own the means of production? And who will print money and record our trillions of transactions? At present, about 1% of people own everything, pay no taxes – and are licensed by us to print, distribute, keep safe, lend and collect our money and to be the honest global bookkeepers – and not to steal it all and hide it offshore and lend it back to us via “The Free Markets”. This is a burden of trust they cannot bear. These responsibilities require saintly qualities – in unsaintly, ill-educated, selfish, greedy spivs, crooks, dissemblers, sociopaths and idiots.

“They” are the executives of major corporations and governments at every level. As Wall Street reels, London staggers, China closes its Great Wall, Russian oligarchs defect, Greece melts into medieval times, Spain defaults, Gangsters gamble with (our) off-shore trillions in projects that are rapidly destroying the planet, and, this month, City lunatics upgrade from optic fibre to wireless share & stock trading to gain a millionth-of-one-second time advantage (gambling with our vital shares, commodities and currencies), the Global-Money-Economy disintegrates. It has to be returned to sanity. It has to be globally nationalised and rationalised. As President Obama said “We must put away childish things”. It is time for the world to grow up.

Why and How – in this marvellous age of limitless computer power where all money transactions (bookkeeping) are logged on global IBM mainframes by allegedly intelligent economist executives – are authorities surprised by deficits, “mountains of debt” and “rivers of off-shore cash”? Why does not every organisation publish a daily Balance Sheet that is integrated by The World Bank and IMF into a daily global Balance Sheet? No more surprises.


PS - To: Mrs Trellis of North Wales.  Do not worry! Yes you are made of atoms but not of fissionable atoms and so you are unlikely to explode like a nuclear bomb in the near future.

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