Thursday, 28 June 2012


Bankers are being fined and castigated for persistently rigging “The Global Free Markets” for their own gains – in London and New York. They are fiddling our global bookkeeping system. These same bankers are “earning” $1M to $20M a year each from money-economy organisations that are as vital as food, water, medicines and commodities to civilisation, to all of us. Their gains are paid by all of us, by the patient, uncomplaining working population.  Their gains are our losses. Why do we not get angry and take action?

Like “Mike of Suffolk” in yesterday’s 17 year tale of Loan-Sharking, the majority of humans are extremely timid. They live in a constant state of bewildered fear, dread and inaction. All they seek is a warm bed and a painless death. Generations of physical punishments have taught them to comply, to remain silent, to keep their heads below the parapet. If Mike’s tapeworm Loan-Shark had called at my door weekly, demanding money with menaces (see below); after I had paid a reasonable amount back, after 3 months, my sense of fairness and self-respect would assert itself and I would have opened my door wielding an axe or hammer in an Irish state of terrible rage.  One way or another that would have resolved the problem. Justice would be done. Attack is often the best form of defence. Violence is exclusively a tool of the State – only if the State uses it for social justice in a timely manner. Where are our money-police? What have they been doing for thirty years?

“The Global Off-Shore Tax-Free Free Markets” have been sucking the blood from the world’s real-economy, the workforce, for 30 years. Everything we need for life has been “monetised” and transferred off-shore, overseas, abroad, away from sane community control. The money-economy is infested with insatiable gluttons and gamblers. The gluttons are eating the planet. The gamblers are mentally-ill addicted people who have wormed their way into our banks to gamble with our money – not their own. They will bet on anything. They make bets via computers millisecond by millisecond. They are insane. We have promoted them to run our financial systems, to gouge out vast personal fortunes, to pay no tax and to bankrupt nations. They will “bet the house” – but it is our homes and lives they play with. It is time they were incarcerated in the madhouse – with a roulette wheel for comfort.

When are we going to get angry? When do we say “no”? What the hell are the highly paid watchdogs doing? When will we repatriate the trillions hidden off-shore? When will we roll out the guillotines into every town square in the world? The civilised, sane answer is global integration and nationalisation of all financial systems.

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