Monday, 25 June 2012


Kindly Tax-Journalist-Lawyer
refunds wicked taxes to the poor.
Long ago I was founding partner of a firm of tax-accountants and follow the tax avoidance stories with professional insight (Top Tory donor linked to Jimmy Carr tax scheme – Guardian 23 Jun 12). We struggled to hire skilled tax-planners, so I’m astonished that every presenter, commentator, pundit, diarist, columnist and journalist in Britain, without exception, has sufficient subtle tax-law knowledge to unequivocally add to every report that “…It is of course strictly legal.” Are they all covert tax-experts? Or are they themselves “at it” – all of them? Or are guilty editors force feeding them a mandatory line?

For the record: e.g. If the BBC’s John-It-Is-Strictly-Legal-Humphrys, London, UK earns a £100,000 fee from Granada TV, UK – a simple transaction with one-invoice – which is then subsequently complicated with cross invoices via tax-havens etc; those inserted steps are ignored for tax purposes. And creating such fake paperwork is “false accounting” carrying dire penalties and tax clawback. Ask Al Capone, ask Lester Piggot, ask UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

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