Monday, 18 June 2012


YOU REALLY CAN DO ANYTHING: Aged 16 with just 4 school “O” levels - which are my only certificates, apart from those for swimming two lengths of a pool, and for lighting a fire with one match - I went to work and went with the flow. With no other formal qualifications – and even those meagre four O levels were beaten into me by strong armed Irish Christian Brothers – with no high school, no further education, no university, no apprenticeships, and belonging to no professional bodies, I have nevertheless in 53 work-years - professionally:

1) Drawn and calculated steel structures for bridges and high rise buildings, which I trust are still safe after 53 years.

2) Written the first single-entry accountancy software (in COBOL).

3) Been senior partner of a 40 person tax, audit and accountancy firm.

4) Launched one of the first telework-networked businesses – 38 offices linked by fax machines, helping thousands of new-start businesses.

5) Managed a car making engineering works – making fabulous Bentley based Mallalieu sports cars.

6) Helped to change the world of work by promoting and consulting on telework worldwide.

7) Written papers on Economics, textbooks and unputtabledownable novels. 

8) Become a Futurologist; …whatever that is.  Oh… and probably solved all the remaining mysteries of the universe.
You do not have to be “good at school”. We all are blessed with unique intelligence that many do not look for. Follow your own preferred talents.

Would you rather eat a meal cooked by self-taught Raymond Blanc, one of the world’s greatest chefs, or by a dusty old lecturer? Could Einstein have outsmarted untutored Wayne Rooney on a football field?  Could Wayne Rooney have conceived E=MC2? There are as many different, fabulous, unique talents as there are people.

Experiment to find your talent and DO IT.

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