Tuesday, 17 July 2012


This morning I was struck by a crossword clue involving genes and genetics - the governing patterns of our bodies. We all have them. We are all the same. We are all made of the same stuff. But all are subtly different. Most living forms have genes; simpler forms have DNA or RNA or just fantastically complex arrangements of molecules. Our DNA is made of four chemicals - molecules. The molecules are made of atoms. The atoms are made of sub-atomic particles, including the now notorious and infamous Higgs. The sub-atomic particles are made of Light (electro-magnetic spectrum). Suns, planets, moons and asteroids are made of chemicals and atoms. There are about 130 different atoms in the Periodic Table of Elements. All this energy and matter is organised by just four fundamental physical forces - Gravity (which we do not understand), Electricity (with magnetism), the Weak Nuclear (holds electrons in atomic orbits) and the Strong Nuclear (compacts atomic nuclei and explodes in atom bombs). Science likes to regard these four forces that sculpt the universe as non-sentient, essentially unchanging and reliably inert. Though there are some very big pieces missing from the scientific jig-saw, the four fundamental forces can be calculated, juggled, jiggled, confined in test-tubes and extrapolated from. They always behave as expected; expected by us; expected by our intellects; intellects powered by our fleshy brains with 100 billion brain cells and 100,000 billion connections - which are made of atoms, organised by the four fundamental forces we study. 

But, if all things are made of the same stuff, and patterned by the same forces, what makes them different? What power gives them separate identities? What force injects identity and sentience into matter? My pitch is that there is a Fifth Force, the Lifeforce, a force that organises; a force that creates, that modifies by dynamic feed-back, and that records and holds the templates, the blueprints, the designs of all phenomena in the entire universe. Such a force is magical - we conjure it into existence with our imaginations - and it is ever-changing the essential templates, applying information from the universal field that I call the Aether-Matrix. Such universal fields are old scientific concepts - rejected through lack of instruments that can detect them. This Lifeforce, this bringer of identity and recorder of experiences, would be the very essence of energy and matter; it would be essential. And implies that the entire universe is a living, sentient entity - not an inert mass of stuff, mindlessly, unconsciously, unintentionally pushed and pulled, gathered and dissipated by Gravity, Electricity, The Weak & the Strong Nuclear forces. I guess that the universe has intention, has purpose, has sentience, has intelligence; and we are a vital, intentional part of its magical matrix. We humans emerge from the Aether-Matrix through self-intention. We do choose to be born.



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