Friday, 20 July 2012


Mrs Trellis of North Wales writes: “My grandson, Owen Llewellyn-Jones is a tutor in particle-physics, at The Great Orme University of Llandudno, and he’s never heard of a Dynamic Universe; at least not affecting Wales. He says it is either steady-state, Flat; or contracting, Closed; or expanding, Open; – like that lovely Dr Brian Cox says.” She challenges… “And my Owen says the Universal Constants are constant. Can you really, really, really explain yourself this time.”

Well, just before my summer Blogging-Break – this blog will resume in August – here goes.

The Universe, our mutual home, is an infinite (as far as science can measure) energy field. The energy field is The Aether, or my Aether-Matrix, or the Higgs Field. Everything, including ourselves with our intelligence and sentience (ability to feel), emerges from the field. Logically, the field is endowed with the seeds of all the characteristics of all phenomena, including human intelligence. The field is Light. It must be sentient to give rise to sentience. A field has no parts – it “feels” all activity across the whole field.

Logically, and scientifically demonstrably, the field changes as stars, galaxies, planets, atoms, black-holes and people precipitate from the energy and become matter (though still of and in the field). Matter is highly compressed light. We are highly compressed light. We are creatures of light. Light includes all radio frequencies and waves; it carries information, light is a data carrier. Ask your Optic-Fibre broadband salesman.

Just as we are precipitates from the field, our actions, every minute action, make radio waves that broadcast data and information back into the field. Your every thought is on permanent record and cannot be deleted from the universe. This data in-forms and re-forms the field. As far as science knows, radio broadcasts are perpetual – hence we can still see (light from) the first galaxies broadcast 13.7 billion light-years ago. All things in the field broadcast their activity back into the field at all times. The first episodes of TV’s Coronation Street now impact a sphere of 50 light years radius.

Thus the field, the stuff of the universe, from which we are made or make ourselves, is constantly changing. As new phenomena emerge (say, a new baby) they come from the re-formed and in-formed field. The universe evolves. It is dynamic not inert; not clockwork; not fixed by immutable laws. Just as the universe makes us – we make the universe. As we are wilful creatures and have intent, we can most probably make our future, not have it dictated by mindless wandering cosmic pebbles and casual particle collisions in deep-space.

The Universal Constants that science brilliantly discovers, do not govern the universe, they are characteristics of the universe. As the universe changes, the Constants change; but stay in balance. From our time perspective, in our really, really, really short lives, the changes are interminably slow – and barely detectable. We are blessed with mysterious Gravity that makes things happen, and with mysterious Intertia that stops things changing. We, collectively, have time to think in our Dynamic Universe.

As the pinnacle of creation (as far as we know), as the most complex thing in the universe (so far), our feedback is particularly influential. Think good thoughts.

Your opinion is important to us. Before you die, please fill in the Feedback-Form and hand it to a flight attendant.

Next blog on 7th August.  In the meantime – repatriate our $18 trillion from the tax-havens.

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