Wednesday, 18 July 2012


18 July 2012. Letter to: The Guardian

Barclays (and other banks) & Libor, HSBC & drug barons, London City’s alleged losses in 2008/09 of £52,000 per UK home, ditto on Wall Street, false-accounted bankers’ “bonuses” over 30 years, £300M gift to G4S (off-shore?), obscene gouged-out corporate “rewards” (off-shore of course), bent ministers & civil servants joining government out-sourced contractors, ex-PM’s paid 30 pieces of silver off-shore, major tax-dodgers installed on the UK HMRC (tax) Board, alleged JP Morgan $5.7B London losses (with UK tax relief?), pension-funds nicking an extra 1% annually, the OECD’s estimate of  $18 trillion illicit tax-haven funds, etc.

In all the media reporting of monstrous, obvious graft and corruption, I have not seen a call, by politicians, FSA, SEC, Mervyn King at The Bank of England, the Fraud Squad, lawyers, economists, religions, moralists or ethicists for what the villains most fear - confiscation and claw-back of the ill-gotten gains, for the public purse.

E.g. The billions of Mexico/USA border cash, courtesy of HSBC, probably came from drug sales, mostly on USA streets, to South American drug barons and back for laundering, tax-free, into OECD economies.

Most of this defrauded, false-accounting loot sits in tax-havens. Use back-duty tax laws, guilty until proved innocent, and gun-boats if needed, to quickly get the stolen trillions back, repair all national deficits, and secure our children’s futures.

PS – Beacon of Hope - The good news is that the bold, brave media still reports all this crime.

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