Thursday, 16 August 2012


Tax planning is now open to all UK (and USA, Pacific Rim & EU) taxpayers; to the employed, self-employed, corporate, charities, family-trusts and everyone. All you need do is spend £100 to buy a limited company, John Smith (Guernsey) Ltd, (see Exchange & Mart) and a £10 brass plaque on the wall at Trafalgar Court, St Peter’s Port, Guernsey, appoint one of Guernsey’s 65,000 people as your agent for ½ hour a year for £20 – and that’s it – you need never pay UK taxes again.  

Then we all just pretend. If for example you are John Smith, employed at BMW-Mini, Cowley, Oxford on £38,000 a year, you make up a piece of paper saying your services are provided by John Smith (Guernsey) Ltd and the employer pays you in your off-shore bank account. No VAT (sales tax), no PAYE income tax deductions, no national insurance deductions, no pension deductions – ever again. You spend £120 and get tax-free income.  You get your salary (Oops sorry, I mean Fees) gross.  All you need do is pretend you make business decisions in Guernsey (or the Isle of Man or State of Delaware – whichever you prefer). Get some pals together – ten or twenty of you and share the company. With a hundred people the tax-free "fees" would be £3,800,000.

In the bad old days – before The Free International Markets – some pedantic, old, miserable, class-envious tax inspectors would call it False Accounting, or Fraudulent Conspiracy; or argue that the transactions are Not Commercial, Not at Arms Length, Insider Dealing, Not Necessary for The Business, A Sham, an Employment Contract By Any Other Name – and therefore should be ignored for tax purposes and taxed in the UK. Your pretences would trigger a very costly Back-Duty-Tax-Case that you would lose.  You might go to jail.

But in this liberal age – the knowledge society – the international era, it is, as every TV, newspaper and magazine journalist* repeatedly says – “All Perfectly Legal”.  If you have any doubts, watch the Channel 4 Dispatches 9th July 2012 film, Secrets of the Taxman, and see that everyone is doing it – even the members of the Board of The Inland Revenue (now HMRC).  If you get a tax demand, just take Dave Hartnett, Head of HMRC, for a drink – and the demand might mysteriously diminish or even vanish. Ask Harry Redknapp or your local MP or Judge or TV presenter how its done - it's magic - and brush up on your acting skills – its really, really, really simple.

(Most off-shore schemes are legal in the tax-havens but NOT in the UK /USA etc. Off-shore banks, agents, lawyers etc may abscond with your money. *Most media journalists and politicians haven’t a clue about tax-law and parrot their views because they fiddle their own taxes off-shore. Money can go down as well as up. Follow this advice on your own responsibility and at your greatest peril. I personally think it is a massive, pervasive fraud and advise all to “move your money on-shore” before the tax-collectors get you)

HMRC directors connected to potential tax avoidance

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