Saturday, 18 August 2012


 The £90 million a year spent by The City of London on lobbying seems to reach deep into Westminster. The Treasury Select Committee, chaired by an ostrich-like Conservative MP with severe memory loss, has the brass-neck cheek or outright stupidity today to shoot the Governor of The Bank of England for withdrawing support from Barclay’s top directors and ousting Bob Diamond.  Apologists planted in government still have the gall to say “The City is a Major Asset for the UK”.

YOU LOST THE LOT – YOU DUMBOS! They parrot this deception despite the fact that The City in 2009 lost £52,000 for every household in the UK; totalling $1.3 trillion – in one year.  If UK.Gov had not guaranteed ALL bank deposits, The City would have happily squandered all the savings of everyone, seen banks go bust – and would start up again with the same repetitive lies. A similar level of loss was suffered by every household in the USA.  Where did those trillions of dollars go? Every Debit entry has an equal Credit entry. Who benefitted?

Is it coincidence, cock-up or conspiracy that the vast River of Off-Shore funds, the Free Markets, rose by $3 trillion from 2009 to 2012 - from $18 trillion to $21 trillion?  Is that where our money has gone – via The City and Wall Street?

We have had enough of being managed by morons. Sack every City grandee who operated from 1980 to date – and track and repatriate our money from the tax-havens. Do it now - and invest it in the real economy to create jobs and industry.  

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