Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I rarely write on subjects that I have not studied for at least a few decades and that I have no informed opinions about, such as the Julian Assange case, which I have not followed. 

Sofia Willen - Anna Ardin
But in the interests of honesty, sanity and reassuring myself about my powers of incidental recall – I just checked my memories of what really happened in the beds, in Sweden, in August 2010, because Joan Smith, for the prosecution, aided by a finger wagging accusatory Gavin Esler, the BBC TV Newsnight presenter, (who both seemed to have been in those sinful crime soaked beds, closely observing every move of Mr Assange’s privy parts, so certain were they of their grounds) accused and silenced mild mannered whistleblower and former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray, of “NAMING RAPE VICTIMS” as if he himself was there and then raping the alleged, up till then anonymous virginal Swedish victims. Mr Murray protested that most political whistle-blowers, including himself, are shortly after blowing the whistle falsely accused of heinous, publicly hated crimes, such as paedophilia, rape and jay-walking. In this case Ms A & Ms B had been named, on TV and interviewed many times – and therefore he was blameless of causing them stress or hurt; which is what I recalled.  So I checked.

And as the silver haired mild mannered Craig Murray averred, the two ladies had continued their friendly relationships with Mr Assange after the alleged offences and only one or two weeks later had they got together to lodge complaints -  which at the time triggered wide media speculation that the ladies were CIA plants.  They are, as Mr Murray claimed, all over the internet.

Will Gavin Esler apologise?

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