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Neurosurgeon, Dr Eben Alexander, contracted meningitis in 2008, went into a coma and his brain appeared to die in medical terms. He survived and reported he had had a near death experience, had gone to Heaven, and was given reassuring advice by a heavenly entity. Dr Alexander has written a book, Proof of Heaven, published in October 2012.

Dr Alexander has not previously believed that such experiences, reported to him by his patients, were anything more than hallucinations. He is a respected academic using the scientific method, who has taught at Harvard Medical School. He asks himself – What part of him, what element of consciousness (in his clinically non-functioning brain) visited Heaven?

I became interested in near death experiences (NDE) when my brother had one during a near fatal heart attack. My brother was a pragmatic non-believer. He had no time for ghosts, spirits, fairies, gods, nor any other “charms, omens, dreams and suchlike foolery”. He remembered having only one dream in his entire life. His NDE took him to a pebble beach that we both knew as children. Parallel to the sea, the beach was divided with dark on one side and light on the other. In the light were about a hundred old friends, whom he knew had died. They welcomed him lovingly and encouraged him to join them. Cautiously, he opted to stay on the dark side and lived for another year. He told me that this NDE completely removed any fear of death. Like Dr Alexander, he privately converted to believing in an afterlife.

I do not accept dualism; a physical body, rocks, gases, liquids on one side and “out of this world” ephemeral, wispy disconnected spirit on the other. Non-dualism theorises that the universe is everything and that it manifests all phenomena, including our minds, souls, sentience, awareness, consciousness and bricks. Matter, mass, physical things are, science knows, formed from energy. The basic energy of the universe is light – the electro-magnetic spectrum. We are, scientifically, creatures of light (E=MC2). An average sized adult, if exploded like an atom bomb, would make a wonderful firework display and destroy a major city.

What our science, even The Higgs Field, has no concept of is how we humans inherit our patterns for life. What force shapes the seed, smaller than a full-stop on this page that absorbs and sheds food, heat and sunshine that turns you from a seed into a hulking adult? If you track it back to your Great, Great, Great etc Grandmother – a seed, within a seed, within a seed etc – it disappears from scientific view in about 1760, when the outer seed is smaller than the Planck length, which is banned by physics as non-existent.  (See link in my slides). If our own seeds and DNA emerge only in 1760; where then is the life-force pattern; the long body connecting us to Adam and Eve?

I suspect that the coherent, organised energy that holds your pattern, in spite of the fact that you are a dissipative organism, a living process in a stream of energy, which takes in and excretes energy, and which replaces much of itself every seven years, is a subtle force, existing in the universal field of energy, now The Higgs Field. This pattern, which holds you to your physical form, necessarily has all the characteristics of a physical person. I guess it is an electro-magnetic pattern in the Aether-Matrix, made from light-waves (radio, X-Rays, Infra-Red, Ultra-violet etc), which is analogous to a radio or TV broadcast; which science knows are effectively perpetual. With sensitive instruments you will be able to watch your favourite TV soap opera in 50 million years time – just as we can accurately watch quasars, billions of years old, at the edge of the observable universe. These patterns for every human, held in space-time as complex waves, could be what religion calls the soul. When the pattern lets go – the body it organises disintegrates. It pays to be integrated.

Did Dr Alexander and did my brother, when unable to function physically, communicate with others via their souls? We might find out when it is our turn to let go.     

Here is how it might all work:


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