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Was it and is it a sinister British paedophile conspiracy?

Update 30 January 2014 - The count of groped girls, and a few boys, is now over 1,000. Mister Savile's, sorry, Sir Jimmy's tawdry legacy is a new set of groping (and worse) cases from the same era; in which UK TV stars, now in their 70's and 80's, are defending themselves against multiple accusations of such behaviour /behavior 50 years ago. How these now elderly, once possibly fan harassed & seduced handsome "personalities" can produce evidence that they didn't do it - how to prove a negative - is a mystery and a justice conundrum. On the other hand there may be truly distressed, now elderly women, who have nursed and repressed awful memories that have blighted their lives, who need closure. Should the accusers have complained 30 years ago? Maybe they did.

Update 4 November 2013 - Meirion Jones, BBC Panorama producer, writes in The Guardian today that Savile's 241 so far investigated sexual assaults included rape of a 12 year old girl; and that from 1970 his pedophilia /paedophilia was widely known at the BBC, at victims' hospitals and mental institutions and by Yorkshire police. The TV programme, After Savile: No more Secrets? will be shown on BBC1 at 8.30pm, 4th Nov. With 400 accusations and rising, the likelihood grows that there probably was a pedophile gang conspiracy with Sir Jimmy Savile as the Master Pimp. It will be interesting to track the cover ups by The Ministry of Truth.

(Update 15 Nov 2012 - Blameless Director General of the BBC, George Entwistle has resigned and there are now about 400 women complaining of being groped etc, as teenagers, by Savile. )


The rest of the world is probably baffled that the UK media, from the international BBC to tiny local newspapers, is obsessed with the odious scandal of a dead disk-jockey. It currently displaces all other news headlines and occupies acres of print and hours of radio and TV news time.

Briefly: Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG, from Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, died aged 85 in October 2011. He was a “public” Catholic, lived with his mum, never married, had no children and, starting as a dance-hall manager, he was a highly successful, self-promoting showman and broadcaster. He travelled the country towing a caravan with a white Rolls Royce. He was showered with honours and awards – from The Pope, The Queen, The Government, Universities and Charities. He was an athlete: once a professional wrestler, latterly running the London Marathon. When young, his spine was injured and he thereafter patronised the world famous spinal injuries Stoke Mandeville Hospital (which created the Para-Olympics), tirelessly raising £40 million for that and other laudable charities. He had collar length blonde hair, smoked Cuban cigars, yapped in popular catch-phrases, and wore dreadful shiny shell-suits; he was and looked a weird (but lovable) eccentric.

Recently, a year after his death, 200 or more women have accused Jimmy Savile of sexually molesting them when they were teenagers. His decades on TV pop-music programmes and several extraordinary living apartments, provided for him in mental, penal and medical institutions; gave him access to vulnerable, impressionable and sometimes physically helpless teenage girls. As the news unfolds, there seems little doubt that he was a constant sexual predator without conscience or feelings. The accusations are too numerous to dismiss; there could have been many hundreds more sexual assaults. Unless he is the innocent, posthumous victim of a Salem type hysterical witch-hunt, he was most probably an odious, emotionally immature, psychologically damaged pervert – who also spent his life doing good works.

So what, non-Brits will still ask, is the beef? Why does this sad Savile character push news of World War Three off the front pages?

The media hysteria is an in-house, inter-industry fest of squealing, excited journalists. Most of the abused teenagers, many under 16 years old, were in the audiences of Savile’s BBC weekly Top of the Pops and other long running kiddie shows. His unique private apartments within hospitals, to which he was given ward keys, were courtesy of the National Health Service (NHS).

Who, in these massive, nationwide government funded institutions, was protecting the children on their premises from 1964 until 2011? Why did nobody notice the vulgar-stretch-nylon-clad serial paedophile-rapist in their midst; groping young girls in his BBC dressing room, his caravan and in hospital beds?

Was it and is it a sinister paedophile conspiracy? Did the Director General of the BBC, George Entwistle, then aged 6 years old, consort with Savile; or was it the Chairman, The Uber-Lord John Patten (also a Catholic), who was groomed from childhood with demonic devilish powers, to rise up the BBC, win total dominion and pave the way for his Dark Lord? Why did not the 8,000 BBC journalists notice anything? Why didn’t the Government, The Queen, The Royal Family, Prime Minister Tony Blair, MI5, MI6, The Police, the other TV celebrities, the 1.2 million NHS staff, the Press, The Radio, Jimmy Savile’s milkman and the lady who ran the BBC canteen; NOT see anything?

So, please will the world media just watch open mouthed, hold off your feeble news stories of Presidential Elections, Collapsing Currencies, Total War etc, etc; Blah, Blah Blah… and watch enviously while Britain digs up its dead paedophile, The Once Blessed Now Cursed Jimmy Savile, and throws shovelfuls of dirt at the otherwise impeccable, cautious and largely benign BBC (and for good measure at that socialistic National Health Service). Rupert Murdoch is thought to be smiling broadly.  

This could bring down governments. This is the stuff that Conspiracy Theories are made of. Let loose the dogs of war!  


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