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Sex and the ruling classes.

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The Greek tragedy engulfing US General Petraeus and his femme fatale or should that be his Helen of Troy, is world news with photos of his wife and mistress. I wonder how many men would sacrifice everything to be enveloped in the latter’s comforting charms. It could of course be an instance of True Love that will shine eternally in the heavenly firmament. Or it might simply be another tired old sex scandal.

Meanwhile tired old gutter-sex-scandal-tangles are engulfing the BBC. These are of a different order to the natural adult heterosexual peccadilloes of the American noble warrior. These concern unnatural, perhaps rare, British sexual activities.

First: note that the BBC is forever under attack by half-witted Free Market Believers and by friends of News International, who are now trying to blow up a great political storm over a single very bad journalistic mistake.

The BBC’s flagship news programme Newsnight did not double-check that the anonymous (the BBC did not name him) “…powerful political figure from the Thatcher era” was indeed one of the cowardly, thuggish paedophiles who buggered and beat little boys, visited or borrowed nightly for the purpose from about 40 Orphanages or “Care Homes” in North Wales in the 1970’s and 80’s. In the identity vacuum created by Newsnight, the wrongly accused now elderly politician was erroneously outed on the Internet and Twitter as Lord MacAlpine, Treasurer to the Conservative Party in those years. The innocent man was last week besieged in his Italian castle by angry peasants with pitchforks and flaming torches, until the identity mess was sorted out and the BBC apologised.

The Guardian newspaper (The Guardian, Thursday 8 November 2012)   explained that the erroneous accusation should have identified Lord MacAlpine’s cousin, the now dead Jimmy MacAlpine, Director of a civil engineering group, who had two manor houses in the region near the boys’ institutions and who owned vintage cars. The boy particularly recalled being collected in exotic cars. This earlier identification, made by the same regularly abused boy, but discredited decades ago as confused and conflicted statements by the boy, was thought to refer to memories of gardening work several boys, who had no complaints, did at Jimmy MacAlpine's home. The BBC journalists should have shown photos of the accused to the now adult victim and should have contacted Lord MacAlpine for his side of the story.

BUT – due to draconian budget cuts last year followed by sackings last month at Newsnight of editors who did NOT but should have broadcast a documentary revealing that dead pop-music disk-jockey Sir Jimmy Savile groped and/or had sex with hundreds of teenage girls, mostly pop-fans, over 50 years, at BBC TV studios and, extremely weirdly, also in locked apartments officially set aside for him in hospitals and mental homes – the depleted Newsnight editors were understaffed and overworked, so last week the chain of command was broken and hence they made the MacAlpine Identity mistake.

So Newsnight was guilty in that it did NOT accuse Sir Jimmy Savile, but DID wrongly accuse Lord MacAlpine, of paedophilia. Rumours, gossip, guesses, speculations and sheer spite are rife, about who did what to whom, where and when and who might be covering up for the paedophiles, allegedly in high places.

This serious mistake is manna from heaven for the BBC’s ever vigilant enemies.  The new, oddly passive and out-to-lunch or constantly out-to-supper, See-no-evil, Hear-no-evil, Speak-no-evil BBC Director-General of only 54 days, ex-journalist George Entwistle, Editor-in-Chief, failed to defend the BBC or himself and has immediately resigned with a controversial £450,000 payoff. The crazed but influential “Free Market” attackers want to use the incident to shut down the whole 10,000 strong BBC and would probably like to sell it to Rupert Murdoch for $1. So the UK is drowning in a media flood, a media fest and frenzy, which is occluding all other news.

In the meantime, the very real paedophile ring of men who did persistently bugger and beat little boys in North Wales in the 70’s and 80’s continues to hide behind several old, carefully managed Public Enquiries, the most damming of which was pulped – destroyed – on the instructions of an anonymous insurance company, or so it is claimed by Clwyd County Council. Of 83 alleged and still anonymous abusers reported by the boys, only seven “care” workers at the orphanages were tried. The secretive old paedophiles will be very grateful to the crass, noisy Abolish-the-BBC political gangs that they have shifted the spotlight from their wicked bullying crimes onto the BBC’s management procedures and politics.  

The UK wants to see the original and “pulped” reports published and re-investigated by modern journalism and the Internet. One of the huge benefits of The Informantion Society is its power to shine light into dark corners.

Compared to the UK’s horrible, hidden sexual practices, America’s lusty General Petraeus should be in line for a Beatification in his own lifetime. 

NB - FREE MARKETS. Today's news that the GAS energy market indexes have been rigged for several years, as were the LIBOR rates - cheating consumers on their mortgage and energy costs, are evidence that a belief in FREE SELF-REGULATING MARKETS is at best unintelligent and worse, is lazy, sloppy, idiotic, naive economics. The pixies and fairies are not magically adjusting global economies while we all sleep. The rogues, villains and sociopaths are rigging the markets and fiddling the bookkeeping. Grow up!

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