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Response to an email discussing the previous Blog – I NEVER ASKED TO BE BORN. 

My ideas are based on science. It is scientifically true that:

(1) A 90 kilo man or woman is made of:

889,041,045,200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000  photons
889 thousand, billion, billion, billion, billion, billion photons.

(2) If the 90 kilo man collected the photons from “empty” space, he would have to gather them from a sphere or ball with a diameter of 25 million kilometres. BUT, he collects the photons on the Earth, which is already very compact, so in the process of growing from a seed, he gathers them from a sphere or ball in the Earth’s atmosphere of only 12 metres diameter. A human egg or ovum is about the size of a full-stop or period on this page.

(3) Every particle of matter, and every sub-atomic particle, does broadcast its presence and activity as radio waves. Radio waves (Light waves) do go out in spheres for billions of years and maybe for eternity, scientifically, to the edge of the Universe. It is from these “broadcasts” that CERN etc can detect the particles (particle physics) and the Hubble Telescope can detect (see) very distant galaxies (astrophysics).

(4) The human brain and all organised forms (organisms) do also broadcast identifiable, legible radio (light) signals, all the time, from their thoughts. E.g. “I am hungry, I must eat” – “I am angry, I will kill” etc. We do operate on a 10 to 75 watt electrical circuit, depending how physically active we are. We create the electricity from our food. These radio broadcasts are probably received by all sentient life (Jung’s collective unconscious). An average person funnels or channels and processes 25 tonnes of nourishment – plus several tonnes of air – in their lifetime. We are indeed “dissipative” creatures.

(5) IF, the 90 kilo man exploded in a nuclear blast (nuclear = centre of the atoms), it would be similar to several Hiroshima atom bombs exploding; as the photons of light let go and revealed their compacted energy.

Not yet fully scientifically accepted but demonstrably true:

(6) “Empty Space” is not empty. Most scientists now accept it is not empty. My analysis is that because we can “see” the whole universe, from anywhere in the universe, that the light waves we see make light images of the whole universe (holograms) on every scale, everywhere. This is logically true and will be accepted one day. These light waves include ALL our broadcasts from every second – that do scientifically last “for-ever”. This universal sub-structure made from organised light from all phenomena is what I call The Aether-Matrix. Einstein did not say the Aether doesn't exist - he said he didn't need it for his calculations.

(7) The LIFEFORCE is real, as a fundamental, natural, organising force. Science currently turns itself inside-out and through painful quasi-logic contortions to try (and so far to fail) to explain how the scientifically inexplicable “four fundamental natural forces” Gravity, Electro-Magnetism, Weak Nuclear and Strong Nuclear forces become accidentally organised to make Galaxies, Stars, Planets, etc AND very delicate, subtle Sentient and Intelligent life-forms. While science reluctantly accepts from undeniable experimental observations and measurements that the Four-Fundamental Forces (and the Fifty Universal Constants) exist; science is stubbornly blind to blades of grass, trees and walking, talking humans as scientific fundamental factual demonstrations of the natural combination and organisation of energies. I predict that someday the Lifeforce will be ranked with the Four Fundamental Forces, as The Fifth Fundamental Force.

(8) If and When the Lifeforce is accepted as The Fifth Force – it will be seen as the balance of and counter to the gloomy laws of Thermodynamics including Entropy that imagines all energy is expanding (cooling) and will eventually (in a few trillion years) turn the entire universe into a cold, dark, inert, featureless soup. We humans, all 7 billion of us - and our spectacular universe - are living testaments to an organising principle of nature that continues to combine energy in interesting and novel ways. The universe is dynamic; not simply and irrevocably flat, expanding or contracting.

(9) The human seed, within a seed, within a seed does make us (we who are alive in 2012) scientifically “disappear” when traced back down the ancestral line to about 1760 when the enfolded seed (you and me) was too small to exist. It logically was smaller than “The Planck Length” which is the smallest thing permitted by science.      

Completely and entirely unscientific:

(10) It is pure speculation that our personal broadcasts are imprinted on the Aether-Matrix and are somehow retained or recorded for all time, and that they then create the templates for new life. But it is a neat theory and accords nicely with many religious insights and philosophies.

(11) It is not scientifically investigated or proved that “we” choose to be born, live and die”. Free will and self-determination is at the very fuzzy edge of the study and science of consciousness. It is part of my “faith” from esoteric reading and works that I believe we unconsciously understand the universe – because we are made of the same stuff as the universe – and that we have free-will.

Do continue to chase the light – and we will find that elusive spirit.

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