Thursday, 15 November 2012


I am yet again indebted to Lord Melvyn Bragg and his panel of experts for educating me on BBC Radio 4 this morning about the work of French philosopher Simone Weil (1909-43) who ended her short, intellectually passionate life in London by starving herself; out of empathy for the starving War victims of wicked oppression.

The radio discussion inspired me to try to set out my current ideas of  good, bad, exemplary, evil, soul, spirit, suffering, joy, transcendence, life, death, science, the universe and everything – which I feel entitled to have a crack at as next month I will (a)  fulfil my all too brief Biblical allocation of three-score years and ten, and (b) will have read New Scientist for 56 years since its first issue in 1956 (alongside Scientific American, many books, and recent college courses on physics) and (c) I had incredible religion and illogical morals beaten into me daily, by robust Irish Christian Brothers; at least making me think about their forceful philosophy.  

So, briefly and without references, apologies or qualifications, here goes:

We are creatures of light. We are literally made from compressed light, as are all material things in the universe. I conjecture that science will eventually recognise a fifth fundamental force, which is evidently, ubiquitously and unmistakeably abundant - The Lifeforce - which organises pure energy and sub-atomic particles into phenomena, including ourselves. These processes that produce intelligent, sentient humans from pure energy are subtle, gentle and counteract the doom-laden Laws of Entropy. The templates for the design of you, me and all of us are subtly imprinted by electromagnetic patterns, radio signals (light waves) in Space-Time, The Aether Matrix, The Higgs Field. Like all radio signals the templates are field forces that persist until The End of Days and broadcast across the entire Space-Time-Continuum. Every action and thought we make is also broadcast and in-forms and re-forms the Aether Matrix and thus alters the templates. Our unique templates are, in religious terminology, our souls, spirits, 3rd observers, and all supernatural, ephemeral beings. The templates, and therefore all things, evolve dynamically every microsecond via the feedback from the electro-magnetic signals broadcasted by all matter.

Spiritually, we do choose to be born. We exist eternally in our ever evolving electromagnetic form, which is continually altered by our own acts and by every action in the entire universal field. Every “Thing” is literally connected and influences everything else. The safeguard to prevent runaway chaotic change is Inertia; the universe has to physically permit and adjust to the changes.

We are thus made from the stuff of the universe and are inseparable from everyone and everything in the (organised) energy field, which in turn changes through dynamic feedback. We gather our light energy and forge it into the primary seed from which our bodies will grow. In this process we change from pure eternal light into temporary matter, which enfolds all prior experiences and enables darkness, an internal shelter from the universal light. It is the enfolding darkness within our material selves that enables the miracle of individual Life, but it also binds us, encloses us and hides the universal field from our emerging, matter-based consciousness or sentience. Thus the process confers Identity, Individuality and Aloneness.

We then grow; our template or spirit is expressed as DNA, enfolded inside the darkness of an ovum and an enthusiastic, tail-wagging spermatozoa; in turn enfolded in our great, great, great, great etc grandparents (approximately back eleven generations to our 1760 ancestors where “we” are smaller than the Planck length and therefore cannot scientifically exist). Ever changing, we are born as dissipative organisms; absorbing and excreting light and chemicals to build and maintain our unique bodies*, some more pleasingly aesthetic than others, – for, say, up to one-hundred years of adventures and sensations – when all the human hope, confusion, joy, pain, triumph, tragedy, enquiry, fear and fun occurs, is sought or happens to us in any case, despite our timidity.

(*An average person consumes and converts 30 tonnes of nourishment, which, like us, is 70% water. We also convert a few tonnes of oxygen and other fuels. Imagine the seventy year process speeded up on film as we extract energy from these flows, convert the organisations we absorb into our higher organisation - our template - renew most of our trillions of cells every seven years - and yet stay recognisably in shape, remain identifiable as our unique selves. We are constantly changing our building blocks, but always stay the same; just a little worn at the edges and older.)

We “integrate” all that is needed to be a sentient, intelligent, functioning animal. At all times, from our first incarnation as a seed within a seed within a seed etc in 1760, we broadcast every thought and deed into the universe and thus we change the universe – which is not static and not ultimately doomed to heat death, as some scientists believe, but is exquisitely, subtly, magically, dynamically and forever evolving. Thus we, jointly and severally, make our own universe. We are not victims of but are architects and prime movers of the universe we experience. We create our own heavens and hells.

Eventually, the spiritual effort of constantly compressing all that light (a human body packs in and contains the energy of several Hiroshima atom bombs – BOOM!), the tedium of consuming breakfast, lunch and supper every day, rising up against gravity, watching ten hours a day of Reality TV shows, and our deep spiritual grief at being isolated from the universal light energy, of being partially in the dark, overwhelms our spirits and we plan to quit. Most of us make these plans unconsciously – informed from physical feedback from our subtle, frail trillions of cooperating cells, which are, in essence, containers of organised and integrated warm-sea-water (it is where we Earth dwellers draw most of our material from). As the built-in depreciation of our bodies leads to loss of energy – we unconsciously give up life and let go. Great Souls, I suspect, such as Buddha, Mohammed, Lao-Tzu, Christ, Moses, Gandhi, Confuscius, etc. plan their exits with full consciousness.

Once dead, we let go and dis-integrate – literally fall apart - and the elements and molecules that we organised to make our trillions of cells are re-cycled by the dissipative forms that follow us in the physical material universe.

We, our identity and individuality, melt away and in our spiritual (electromagnetic radio broadcast) ephemeral ghostly form, we merge once again into the universal field – until the next time. The next time we choose to “exist” (stand out), the dynamic feedback from all phenomena has changed the universe. We had a role in causing the changes, guiding universal evolution. We are literally “All in it together”.

To make Heaven on Earth, we need intelligent cooperation between all phenomena and each other, irrespective of class, creed, colour or credit rating. The body and mind you have made for this short existence is time limited, it seems by design, so count how many weekends you’ve got left to live in your present form – and enjoy every minute, hour, day and week of your brief sensational visit.  



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