Thursday, 6 December 2012


Mrs Trellis of North Wales emails from her tax-haven in Douglas on the Isle-of-Man* "I worked hard for my money in Bangor, North Wales, and have arranged things to not pay any UK taxes. Now you want me to invest my offshore millions back in the UK, whose industries are all owned by overseas capital; most of its property is held off-shore; UK banks won't back UK businesses; and half the population are lazy benefit scroungers. What would my pile of tax-free cash be used for if I bring it back on-shore?"

Well she has a point. Where is the vision  for British industry and commerce - as government fiddles while London burns? This world beating freight transport infrastructure project will create 60,000 UK industrial and commercial jobs and create a major global export business - and help to save the planet. A senior UK civil servant, resistIng pressure to open the envelope and look at the project, finally blurted out in protest - "But it is NEW Mr. Hodson - It's NEW!"

She also had a point - as The Ministry of Transport has an official, confidential, internal veto to stop any new infrastructure (by denying them planning permission). However - IF this project is given the go ahead, and modest amounts of seed-funding, it will create a new global industry and transform the global economy. And it is not rocket-science - even politicians can understand it. Tell your MPs to get their collective finger out and back Britain's inventors.

Runner up in the 2008 St. Andrews Prize for the Environment.Member of ISUFT.
Mr Noel Hodson – The Foodtubes Project – 16 Brookside, Oxford OX3 7PJ - +44 (0)1865 760994

FOODTUBES™ – Goods In & Waste Out – Low Cost, Low Pollution Transport.
 Team includes - Imperial College Eng, Oxford Physics, GL GROUP Eng, Madrid, Vienna, London.

Cargos can be packed into inexpensive, lightweight cargo-capsules, approx. 1 metre x 2 metres (about the size of a large man) or 1.57 cu metres, each carrying up to 2 tonnes of freight, propelled through underground, undersea and over-ground pipelines by electricity.  Wire “Cages” of about this size are loaded into supermarket vehicles, carrying goods between their warehouses and retail shops.

The Capsules will be precisely controlled by software – to travel through numerous interlinked, open-architecture Foodtubes Circuits, each of about 100 km; eventually forming The Transport Internet ™. 

In cities, dense-urban & urban areas, Foodtubes Circuits will be installed using No-Dig technology; reducing surface disruption. Pipeline-Circuits infrastructure will last for 50 to 100 years. It will create 60,000 UK jobs.

Foodtubes Commercial Models show 70% profits; charging less than equivalent lorries and trains. and at

Today 92% of the fuel or energy used to transport freight is wasted on moving the vehicles. Only 8% is used to move the goods or cargos. Foodtubes uses only the 8%, ten to eleven times less energy.

Water, oil and gas are transported efficiently through pipelines. There are more than 300,000 km of large diameter pipelines in Europe and 500,000 km in the USA, including undersea pipelines; operating continuously, day and night, transporting huge, vital cargos, unseen and unheard by most citizens.

Many dry cargos could be transferred into Foodtubes, saving 90% of the equivalent diesel used today and reducing man-made CO2 and other pollutants by 8% to 16%, annually saving billions of litres of diesel.

After water, food is the largest vital daily cargo. The food transport industry now utilises 25% to 30% of all freight vehicles. Foodtubes will transport goods from farm to supermarket, including recycling food & waste.

Carrying food and other suitable cargos FOODTUBES Circuits are capable of removing 50% of all the commercial transport vehicles from city streets, main roads and railways – and replacing a significant proportion of sea and air freight transport – at capital installation costs less than equivalent roadway repairs.

Foodtubes plans a 3km Demonstration Circuit at Spadeadam, Cumbria, for city transport managers to consider installing Foodtubes.


*Mrs Trellis actually lives in Bangor, UK, but on the very best tax-planning advice she pretends to be resident with her sister-in-law in Douglas, Isle of Man; from where they send "invoices" that wipe out her UK profits.
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