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"You'd be going in, if only you hadn't stolen the 
tarts when you were 7 years old. But... Sorry!
UPDATE - 22 AUG 2015. 

I have often said and often been derided for saying that our DNA changes continuously. It becomes fixed when we die; and that is what science has been studying, concluding that DNA is fixed forever. 

Previously it was found that lab animals inherited fear and trauma, now a New York study of Holocaust descendants shows that we also inherit our parents and grandparents terrors. We can be born fearful. I believe that we exchange DNA continuously in normal life - and it should be possible to receive healing DNA, say from spending time with The Dalai Lama. So keep good company. The same applies to malevolent and benevolent viruses and bacteria (packets of DNA). We readily identify malevolent viruses but ignore benevolent ones. Maybe its time for your, and my, next pilgrimage or retreat. 

29 JAN 2013.

Ian Sample writes in The Guardian 24 Jan 13, about the remarkable feat in Cambridge UK, of compiling Shakespeare’s poems, Martin Luther King’s speech and Watson & Crick’s paper on DNA, in the code G,T,C,A the four bases that form all DNA strands, and reducing the texts to a tiny speck of DNA.  The article is short on dates, but finishes with “A similar feat was achieved by …George Church, Harvard Geneticist …last year”. So it seems George Church did it first.

I wrote a detailed account in August 2012   21 Aug 12.  DNA STORES YOUR LIFE

As DNA makes the code for all life forms and reproduces the code in precise copies over about 3.5 billion years before significant “errors” are made – and as functioning DNA in old bones and teeth has been found intact after several million years – scientists claim it is a very long lived, reliable digital recording material; either stored in an inert form or perhaps, in the future, stored as part of an active, reproducing live DNA chain in life-forms.

Perhaps a full analysis of your DNA with its 80% “unknown function”, previously dismissed as “junk DNA” would reveal the full text of War and Peace, Titbits, The Beano and all the publications in the British Library. Perhaps all these texts could be recorded and inserted into your DNA, making you an information genius. Should we re-think reincarnation theories of child prodigies?

Such reliable, permanent and accurate minuscule DNA recordings, in chemical life forms that have measurable mass, are surpassed by the almost massless radio (light) signals broadcast from all things. Astronomers focus scanners on stars and galaxies 13.75 billion light years distant, and can read their broadcast information; or they focus on a star a mere 4.2 light years away and its signals reveal not only what it is made of and where it is going but what the intervening interstellar dust is made of.  As far as science now knows, your vital mobile phone signals informing your Mum you are on the bus and nearly home, broadcast infinitely across the universe in legible form – for eternity. All these signals can be re-read; they occupy no measurable space; they criss-cross each other; they propagate in waves at 300,000 km per second; your favourite TV soap, with all its adverts, races out to the horizon of the observable universe and probably amuses very distant little green persons. Our brains also broadcast radio signals – all the time. We are on universal perpetual record, with every other thing and event in the universe.

This relieves Saint Peter of the onerous eternal task of writing our deeds and misdeeds in a great book – he just presses “replay” as we apply for our entry visas. “Thank God...” he says as he dispatches wailing souls down to The Burning Fires of Hell forever “...for the electronic revolution.”   


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