Monday, 18 February 2013


UK Prime Minister, The Rt Hon David Cameron MP, is today in India with a 5,000 strong business delegation to increase UK trade with the rapidly growing economy of the sub-continent of 1.2 billion people. 

Sadly for Britain, David Cameron's serial mistakes go before him - making it highly unlikely that India will buy what he is trying to sell.

BRITISH EDUCATION: Two years ago, Britain slammed the door on "foreign students", ironically one of the UK's fastest growing and most profitable industries. Cameron succeeded globally in educating "the rest of the world" that Britain rejects "immigrants" - starting with star students applying to our best universities. Indians are now convinvced that however hard they try, they cannot get into British universities and pay £9,000 plus accommodation, food and entertainment for two or three years. Cameron was appeasing his "right wing" who moronically hate all brown, yellow and black people and most Europeans. Well done David! 

ENTRANCE TO EUROPE: Last year, The Rt Hon David Cameron MP appeased his even more extreme right wing (who are spectacularly the wrong wing) by threatening to quit the Common Market, to leave the The European Union. All of India's major bosses, all the big industrialists who have been asked, say with one voice "We saw Britain as the best gateway into the 550 million person strong European market. If the UK now wants to quit the EU - we will not invest in Britain". The USA has officially delivered just that same message through senior ambassadors. Well done David!

CITY EXPERTISE: The largest group among the English Trade Delegates clustered around the Prime Minister, represent Britain's totally unregulated, compulsive gambling "Financial Services Industry". The Rt Hon David Cameron wants to sell London's investment expertise and unlimited money-laundering and loan-sharking.

Thousands of low paid Briton's are trapped into inescapable gangster loans costing up to 4,000% per year. London's global money-laundering has assisted the flood of $21 trillion tax-evasion-capital-flight to tax-havens, which is bankrupting Greece, Cyprus, Spain and possibly the UK; and maybe the whole world. It is also making the USA economy very ill - though Wall street is equally to blame for that malady. The allegedly clever money operators in The City of London in 2008/09 "lost" $1.6 trillion (Yes... trillion). The British tax payer is repaying that unimaginably vast sum - and was forced to nationalise our major banks. Maybe India does not welcome such London wisdom and "products" being forced onto its poor, huddled masses. Why not lead with our world beating aerospace, electronics and medical technologies? Probably because David's dad was a City banker - now offshore ...and it obviously didn't do the Camerons any harm. As he said in 2011 "We must protect The City of London". Well done David! 

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