Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I have said before that I don’t like to write on subjects I have not studied. But we all, including me, have our daily, lifetime, close, intimate, insider knowledge of SEX. As a prize winning Roman Catholic student for my first 18 years, I also learned about SIN – so my views on this topic are as expert as anyone’s.

To mark the passage on 5 February 2013, of a historic Bill in the British Parliament to legitimise Same Sex Marriages, Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill ,which I applaud and approve of, here is how sex and society work.

In the beginning, for a few hundred thousand years after Adam, Eve and The Apple, we had primate sexual instincts, natural uninhibited behaviour ordained by God, within family groups; growing into clans, villages and towns. With larger communities and cities, containing a sprinkling of lunkheads, loonies and throwbacks, simple, natural and basic family sex controls were insufficient, and, from time to time, communities went bananas and indulged in orgies, rape, licentiousness and thoroughly destructive sexual activities. 

The Old Testament God tried to knock some sense into Mankind (now Person Kind) pointing out that unfettered free-love and violent-passion, casually shagging everything that moved, brought unwanted pregnancies, venereal diseases and social chaos. He laid down some relevant laws – Thou Shalt Not… etc and reinforced His (or Her) rules by arbitrarily wiping out entire communities; e.g. All of Noah’s neighbours, Sodom and Gomorrah, and several other major cities and nations. Then God delegated this work to Rabbis, Priests, Imams, Philosophers and Politicians. 

Religionists, apart from being our gatekeepers to Heaven, found it great fun to forbid all sexual activity, unless they permitted or performed it. So the original sensible controls were perverted into our modern mess of veto, sin, guilt, fifty-shades-of-grey, penance, forgiveness and sale of indulgences. Crazed religious philosophers made up all sorts of mad rules, with slight geographical variations, to control every sexual act, even masturbation and erotic-dreams, and included the diets and breathing habits, of everybody (else); which brought us female circumcision, harems, burkas, chastity belts, hair shirts, stoning adulterers and fornicators - i.e. anyone (else) who enjoys or even indulges in sex – incest, homophobia, brothels, sex-trafficking, back-street-abortions, sexual sadism, Jimmy Savile, and the widespread physical and mental bullying and oppression of young girls and boys - that many religionists still so much enjoy.

All people with power took the personal right to have unconstrained sex with anyone they fancied – and became very jealous of less powerful people enjoying sex. The ordinary folk figured out where babies come from and were very concerned about who should pay for the babies. They also became obsessed with the fear that they might not be enjoying sex as much as others; creating Peeping-Toms, mass prurience and Murdoch’s profitable Page 3 (of The Sun newspaper).

Aristocrats, superior beings with locked Harems and Droit de Signeur, worried about their sex-slaves, wives or relatives being sexually satisfied by anyone else. And, horror of horrors, before DNA testing, they worried even more about bequeathing their wealth to cuckoos in the nest.

These intertwined religious, land and money concerns led to all of today’s complexity of rules, regulations and warped social behaviour.

The American Civil War almost removed the bosses legal right to screw all their slaves – except of course for the continuing rights of the super-rich.

Over thousands of years, humanity is gradually breaking the grip of the maniacs and bullies who insist on their illogical, primitive and fabricated prohibitions and privileges.

Remember the dictionary definition of such peculiar, buttoned up folk…

The haunting suspicion that somebody somewhere might be enjoying themselves.

…and celebrate the clear air of the new enlightenment.

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