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Update 14 March 2013.

Superstitious meanderings and joking apart (as below) - the World last night welcomed a new Pope, a new, if 76 years old, Bishop of Rome, to lead 1.2 billion Catholics into the new era. I believe it is a cause for celebration, because Pope Francis 1st does seem to mark a revolutionary step forward for one of the oldest (I am prepared to be corrected) major organisations or empires the world has known. 

St Peter (died in AD 64) was the first Bishop of Rome - from sometime after 40 AD - a few years after Jesus Christ rose from the dead (Easter) and returned to Heaven. On that basis, the Catholic Church in Rome is one thousand nine hundred and seventy three years old. Most observers round it up to two-millennia for convenience. 

Saint Francis, the name chosen by Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, comes in two complementary styles - St. Francis of Assisi (Italian 1181 - 1226) who loved animals and founded the humble and avowedly-poor Franciscan Order of Monks - and St Francis Xavier (Spanish 1506-1552) co-founder with Saint Ignatius Loyola (Spanish 1491-1556) of the intellectual, international and self-effacing Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, or The Pope's Commandos as they have been called. Both orders embrace poverty and simplicity and both are teaching orders. 

Pope Francis, a Jesuit with a good and gentle sense of humour, is renowned for his simple living - in a one room flat in Buenos Aries instead of his palace, using buses instead of chauffeur driven cars - and for his persistent advocacy and support for the poor. As a Jesuit, he should be clever and politically adept. As a traditional older cleric, he is reputed to be a conservative Catholic - probably with all the usual mistaken misapprehensions about sex and reproduction. 

My belief, reading the tea-leaves, tarot cards, crystal balls and the world's media, is that 2013 will be a pivotal year of great change for the human race - possibly partly due to the maturing and spread of the Internet - a miracle of human ingenuity and cooperation - and Pope Francis, who should have at least another 30 years in him, might be a significant power and force in the changes. We hope and pray they are changes for the better, ushering in a global era of Intelligent Cooperation.

The jokes:


The unprecedented abdication of Pope Benedict the Sixteenth is possibly thought by many occult scholars and meritorious historians to portend the devilish conspiracy to fulfil the final prophecy of The Apocalypse of Saint John – opening the last chapter of the Last Days of the Last Era for all Humanity.  


This coming world leader has been given many names and titles in the Bible, including one of the best known, yet most misleading - the 'Antichrist.'  Although he will be against faithful Christians and will mock God’s Word, the world will view him as a great leader and a man of peace.  This man will be Satan’s counterfeit messiah. He will use deception and lies to "spin" his web of deceit and to conceal his true motives.  Prophecies hint this man will not be fully revealed until after the Rapture, when the "Restrainer", the United States of America, is taken out of the way . . .


It is a strong probability, supported by, it is conjectured, numerous ancient Illuminati, who must remain protected by anonymity, that Cardinal Ratzinger, currently The Bishop of Rome, who is almost certainly presumed by The Da Vinci Elect to be six hundred and sixty-six years old, or so ancient coded texts may reveal – was chosen to be groomed by the covert Satanic powers behind the Hitler Youth movement, to ascend from roots of fire and darkness to take the Throne of Saint Peter; and to prepare the twisted path, it is widely believed by those who may have studied such matters in great depth, For Him Who Rules the Earth, The Great Deceiver, The Last Pope …or is it The Antichrist – who has been ordained and prepared to climb the pinnacle of Earthly Power. Could it be this man - whose name can never be uttered?


It is widely believed that the last pope of the Catholic Church will succeed Pope Benedict XVI.  Many people believe that we are in "the end times."  That the signs are all around us.  St. Malachy, (d. 1148) Irish Bishop and Seer, produced an accurate list of future popes which began with Pope Celestine II in the year 1143. His list consists of a single line which gives a clue to the characteristics of each pope. From this list of 112 popes there is to be just one more after Pope Benedict XVI.

(Certified Extracts From The World Wide Web, Without Guarantees of Spurious Accuracy. Investments, Investitures and Satanic Candidates Can Go Up as Well as Down). 

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