Friday, 15 March 2013


THE STALINIST UK BEDROOM TAX - HOW TO REALLY SCREW THE POOR - The idiotic, misguided, bigoted, sociopathic, super rich Tory Cabinet, hyper-privileged to a man and woman from birth, have decided to save a few quid a week by throwing the poorest families, many settled for 20 years or more in State owned houses and flats, out of their homes onto the streets. 

At the same time – this week – the same blinkered, or deliberately cruel and vindictive Tories, most of them passing on the bullying from when they were beaten and sodomised in our Public School system, are giving the rich an extra $35,000 tax break - in case the rich decide to emigrate to China. Tories justify this class-war-cleansing as a necessary part of their magnificent austerity drive – despite having doubled the UK’s fiscal debt in the past 3 years – while, Pinocchio like, claiming to have reduced “The Deficit”. 

What their economy with the truth (utter lies) is really saying is that their policies have reduced the rate at which the annual spending on The State exceeds the annual collection of taxes. The State’s debt has actually almost doubled and is climbing. Why is it climbing? Because The City (financial Square Mile of London) – mostly Tories – imposed their 2008/09 $1.7 trillion losses onto the UK taxpayers, landing us with an immense capital debt and annual interest payments.  This current Liberal / Conservative Government is incapable of solving the UK’s problems – and refuses of course to repatriate the UK’s (The Tory's) $2  to $3 trillion tax-evasion-capital-flight, now sitting in tax-havens (mostly British territories).

How does this spooky and evil war on the poor work?

First – the dispossessed are paid less than THE LIVING WAGE. Many are paid less than THE MINIMUM WAGE. This means (Tories who can read should read this) that they do not have enough money to live on (obvious from the wording?) – while their employers make huge profits from their labours. (2) The employers are mostly Tories so they are delighted to see their Scrooge wages supplemented by State Aid; they love the State hugely subsidising their payrolls and corporations. (3) The poor are thus forced to apply for help – including HOUSING BENEFIT to pay their rent. The lowest rents and meanest hovels are COUNCIL HOUSE, built by the state to house the poor.  (4) Outraged Tories, in the person of The Rt. Hon Iain Duncan-Smith MP, Minister for Oppressing the Poor, then see that hundreds of thousands of the poorest families are receiving TAXPAYER’S money as HOUSING GRANT or RENT AID. The poor would rather be paid a LIVING WAGE but have no alternative except to accept STATE CHARITY. However, posh boy, minor aristocrat, Iain Duncan-Smith and his Trust-Fund-Babe cronies choose only to see the grasping hands of the great unwashed.

His scheme – from next week, is that any such home with an “extra” 10ft x 10ft (3 x 3 metres) “bedroom” must be refused £700 a year in Aid. Two such luxurious rooms cost £1,400 a year – and so on. Irrespective of whether these vast spaces are kept for students away at college, soldiers away at war, disabled children, sick adults, study rooms, storage rooms, dining rooms, etc. etc. – the space-greedy families must either move out to smaller spaces (Catch-22, Snigger - ha ha! there are no smaller houses) or lose a significant percentage (9%) of their frugal, overstretched incomes.

However – Iain Duncan-Smith, in his largess and warm-hearted generosity, has the answer for those deprived and desperate souls, the irresponsible riff-raff who may over-spend and run out of funds midweek or mid-month – the Tories have other, True Capitalist, friends who have adopted American techniques of Loan-Sharking, who will lend to the homeless, starving poor a few hundred pounds when needed – charged at only 4,000% interest; trapping them in an inescapable cycle and debtors' prison.

Do I sound angry?  I am.  How can such thoughtless, pointless, useless, intrusive, bureaucratic, Stalinist social engineering be happening in my country, Great Britain? Is this bullying of our citizens what my father and millions of others fought and many died for in WW2? Is this what millions in the free world have died to protect? 

Here – from the redoubtable and sane political observer, Polly Toynbee, are the real, balanced facts of the matter.

Protests against the bedroom tax will spring up on Saturday in at least 60 towns and cities, through a crowd-sourcing of local groups shocked by what's about to happen. Some organisers are from Labour parties – with Liam Byrne, the shadows work and pensions secretary, speaking at one in Birmingham – unions, the SNP and Plaid Cymru – but many have been spontaneously assembled, mostly by women, as people wake up to unfolding local tragedies.
With just two weeks before the arrival of a tumbril of cuts rumbling towards low-earning households, people are only now receiving letters warning what to expect. Any remaining advice services are being flooded with anxious tenants. As I listened in with the NextDoor Project, a homeless charity, almost everyone who came in was expecting to be evicted and sent far away. One distraught woman who is paid a carer's allowance for looking after her severely mentally ill brother (along with her own three children), said she would have to leave him to social services: his room would now be counted as "spare" because a brother doesn't count as family. Perverse and expensive consequences are erupting everywhere, with Labour MPs rarely, if ever, encountering such a tsunami of heart-rending cases

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