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I cannot improve on the report by Dick Teresi in New Scientist 9 March 2013 (page 32) entitled Resurrection Man (one s and two r’s) about Sam Parnia, director of resuscitation research at Stony Brook University Medical Center, US; who has just published, The Lazarus Effect: The science that is erasing the boundaries between life and death.

Sam Parnia and his medical team are able to bring people who have experienced cardiac arrest back to life, up to 7 hours after they have formally, finally, fatally and medically died. Basically – the technique forces oxygen back into the bloodstream and body cells. Known as ECMO – corporeal membrane oxygenation – it is more common in Japan and Korea than in the West. So go to South-East Asia to have your heart attacks.

What I find fascinating is Sam Parnia’s altered view, from sceptic to investigator, on NDE or near death experiences. He says that his patients’ NDE’s, tunnels of light – finding Heaven etc - are NOT hallucinations. “If I injected these dead bodies with hallucinogenic LSD, they will not experience hallucinations”. The patients' brains and bodies are clinically dead but “Consciousness is not annihilated when you reach the point of death”.

LIFEFORCE: In the past few years, I have proposed several mediums that might possibly record the templates that govern the DNA that makes life-forms – our individual souls in religious terms – and I currently imagine that all phenomena in the universe create permanent legible radio (light) records of every action.   I NEVER ASKED TO BE BORN

My belief – both scientific and philosophical – is that there is only one universe – not dualism – which manifests all material and ephemeral phenomena, forces and energies. Others have looked and are also searching for the patterns behind DNA, molecules and structures in the basic stuff or pure energy of the universe – which is light (electro-magnetic waves). Sam Parnia poses the question of what happens to human consciousness in the hours of death – before they return. My search for Lifeforce templates asks the same question.

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  1. Interesting article, Noel. But the question still we have a separate invisible person inside us that never dies? Or is death a state of unconsciousness in line with Ecclesiastes chapter 9 vs 5? Good to know that for most of mankind, death is merely temporary (John 11:25,26)