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I see the unprecedented and extraordinary proposal to tax customers’ bank deposits in Cypriot banks as an escalation of the war against tax-evasion-capital-flight, which at $21 trillion and rising by $1 trillion a year is a direct and immediate threat to the stability of the global economic system.

The OECD tax evasion unit has for 20 years politely and diplomatically and gently nudged all nations and tax-havens to reduce tax-evasion and money laundering. Now, as the world hits The Wall, they have to get tough. No more Mr Nice Guy.

Now, in 2013, it is clear that most OECD nations are being driven by tax-evasion-capital-flight into “Mountains of Debt”. In addition, most big businesses are freezing billions in their Balance Sheets, also mostly off-shore, which they will not reinvest in the source nations. The corporate managers have stashed away their personal ill-gotten and ever growing tax-free piles and say “screw you” to the rest of us - their valued customers. UK economists estimated this week (Budget Week) that UK companies have frozen £750 billion sterling - $1 trillion – that they will not invest. These “Rivers of Cash”, siphoned offshore, have caused massive unemployment in previously vigorous economies – typified by 50% graduate and youth unemployment. Greece has been killed stone dead and disintegrates into anarchy. America boasts 40 million on Food-Stamps and has tides of homeless refugees. This is very dangerous for society. It is the stuff of revolution.

The UK (Pop 63M) cannot balance its books. The USA (315M) hovers on the edge of their “fiscal cliff” and, if blaring anti-European journalists and currency speculators are to be believed – the EU (550M) and The Euro are in constant crises and budget deficits. All rich Russians (143M) migrate to tax-havens and all rich Chinese (1.2B) would migrate if they dared risk a lifetime in solitary confinement for re-education. India (1.1B) is a corrupt leaky sieve, and the rest of the world (4B) is raided and impoverished by stupidly greedy dictators, regimes, bankers, gangsters and “top” families. Maybe Pope Francis 1st will knock some social ethics and economic sense into their numb skulls …or maybe not.

At the eye of the storm is Cyprus (1M). This jewel of the Mediterranean joined the European Union 9 years ago (MAY 2004), plugged into the EU bank system, and immediately embarked on incontinent money laundering and tax-sheltering. It now has a whole army of “financial services” professionals – cooking the books, shovelling the cash and kissing the feet of “the super-rich”. In taking $60 billion deposits from foreigners, Cyprus has just woken up to the counter-intuitive fact that the island owes those same foreigners …$60 billion. Many of them are Russian gangsters and Greek Mafioso – ooo’er. Unfortunately, Cypriots are not experienced and expert bankers. They have “lost” (i.e. stolen) the $60 billion through all the usual back-to-back losses, bad loans to pals, gross stupidity etc. Somebody, somewhere has the money but Cyprus cannot pay the $60 billion back.

9 months ago – Cyprus asked the EU to give them $60 billion. The EU asked what the Cypriots (international global bankers) were putting into the pot. The Cypriots ignored the EU. Now, it is crunch time and the EU does not want to harbour a major loss making financial sector, managed by a bunch of amateurs or crooks, in its ranks. The EU does not want any such siphons draining its life-blood away, of its 550 million hard working citizens, to tax-havens – whether the havens are in Delaware, Singapore, Isle-of-Man (Irish Sea Pop.83K), The Caribbean,  or London.

Light Blue Touch-paper and Retire: The EU has shockingly said to Cyprus, “Take 10% from the tax-evaders”. This is not banking as we like to think of it. Only the 1917 Bolsheviks, Wall Street and The City of London can misappropriate other people’s money on that scale (to pay immense bankers’ bonuses on bank losses). Tax-haven Banks should be safe-havens in tax-havens.  

This will, and has already, immediately ruined Cyprus as a tax-haven. Nobody will stash their offshore loot in Cyprus ever again. Whatever the outcome of the current talks – Cyprus must forget its “Financial Services” and focus on Tourism. Cyprus will get over it. In the meantime, the tax dodgers, The Greeks, The Russians, The British, The Italians, The Spaniards, et al – will panic off to other tax-havens. Wherever they choose will be unsafe. Irrespective of the bank logo over the door - all tiny tax-havens are now unsafe and untrustworthy. All major tax-havens, like Delaware (about 350,000 dodgy tax-free companies) are targets for a 10% maybe 15%, maybe more tax on deposits, levied by the ruling government. America with a $16 trillion deficit, needs a major boost to its tax-revenues – if the EU can do it, why not the USA

Four or five panic moves by tax-evaders and four or five unexpected taxes will repatriate the cash-deposits, The Rivers of Cash, to the source nations.

At a stroke (of bureaucratic genius?) – Regardless of how the little local difficulty plays out between Cyprus and the EU – and regardless of which bank group is holding the funds - tax haven accounts have been doomed. There are no longer any guarantees from major governments that the governments will pick up the tab for rogue bankers. It is back to burying treasure on sandy atolls at midnight.

Here’s a tip! The Madoff-Cornfeld Bank of Bermuda is offering 12.5% on all deposits – guaranteed by the Combined Oceanic Banks of Iceland – in turn guaranteed by The Imperial Sovereign Wealth Funds of The Gulf (just as the world is replacing oil with fracking-gas) – in turn personally guaranteed by Richie Rich, Barclay's cleverest investor - in turn guaranteed by The Vatican Bank. In God We Trust!

Best advice – go home, repatriate your loot as soon as possible, settle your taxes, and sue your tax-planners and Wealth-Managers while their Professional Indemnity Insurance is still valid.


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