Monday, 4 March 2013


4 March 2013.  

As signs of spring appear in the northern hemisphere and another year of my life inexorably ticks away, the human race which, surprisingly, does include western business executives and bankers, despite their delusions of their own divinity, needs signs, pathways and compass points.

MORAL COMPASS – Christians, and other ancient religious groups, are being obliged to face the fact that their Gods have provided them all with reproductive organs and instincts – which it is sinful and harmful to deny.  The two thousand year repression and perversion of these natural forces has wrought the greatest and most widespread hypocrisies at all levels of society – from Popes to paupers to Sir Jimmy Savile and ennobled Peers. 2013 is the year when thousands of years of sin and guilt will be swept away, by the illumination of truth and understanding; light from the internet.

EVOLUTION, RAPE AND BULLIES – Not all branches of homo-sapiens have evolved at the same pace. From time to time and place to place, tribes revert to primitive, insane behaviours; releasing the most bestial drives in our nature. Sixty years ago millions of low browed Europeans emerged knuckle dragging out of the dark northern forests and spawned Nazis, Fascists, Stalinists and Brown Shirts to torture and massacre tens of millions of their own people – all the while calling on their Gods to bless their efforts. Today, Indians, South Africans, Pakistanis, North Africans, Arabs, Muslims, Afghans and other large boned, small brained, male primates, rape their own or their neighbours’ defenceless daughters and often beat them to death – with full government, religious, police and judicial approval. Where are the females’ protectors and avengers? Where are their brothers, fathers and uncles? Where are the leaders and educators? 2013 will drag these primitives – again, like the Christians, sexually repressed by mad mullahs, witch-doctors and prophets – into the light of internet justice.

GRAND THEFT, ECONOMICS AND TAX DEFICITS – Cases are now emerging daily on the internet that show how Wall Street and The City have “monetised” and gouged out all the liquidity from OECD countries to tax-havens. In 2011 the OECD estimated the amount as $21 trillion – and it grows by $1 trillion every year. This drain is approximately 1% of all the yearly Gross Product of all our economies – which is ALL the liquidity or cash we have all generated from our labours and have protected with the deaths of our armed forces. It includes large amounts of organised crime revenues. It plunges nations – or desperate communities within nations, such as the 43 million Americans on Food Stamps – into deficits, debts and despair. It sucks out all new investment that would create modern, useful, long term employment; it risks bloody revolution in nations pushed to the brink. It rewards only crooked bookkeepers and politicians. The rogues who have buried the $21 trillion in tax havens are the same gangs who rail against quantitative easing – QE – of the pathetic few billions nations are pumping back into our depleted money circulation. 2013 will see trillions repatriated to the source nations and deficits repaid. The “tax-planners” and “money-launderers” will be arrested and their siphons reversed. The internet is, as promised, shining bright lights into dark corners. There is no hiding place – all it needs are some honest politicians propelled by outraged unemployed youngsters.

DEMOCRACY – Democracy and the Party system is deemed to be the least bad option for governing society. But as the problems above and many other crazy systems demonstrate, democracy doesn’t work anymore. Most OECD countries are experiencing the lowest voter turnouts in the past two hundred years. With good reasons, the voters do not trust the political classes – elected and appointed professional liars. The Machiavellian system has had its day. 2013 will usher in internet referendum voting on a large scale. It is now technologically possible to allow people to vote without fear of cheating. As Switzerland showed yesterday – even against the massed muscle of one of the mightiest corporate, capitalist lobbying groups on Earth, the citizens voted to cap and limit Executive Pay – in industries from banking to drugs to food. Of course, the gangsters of the “Free Markets”, who currently steal all the money with impunity, warn that all businesses will quit Switzerland – leaving it impoverished and drowning in debt. What bullshit!
The danger of continual referenda is the rise of extremists – which has to be overcome with education. The main role for the internet and top civil servants from now on will be to disseminate accurate, thoughtful and well argued information – across the information society. Elected representatives will usher in and steer Topics to be voted on and will guard the process.

WEALTH DISTRIBUTION – It has long been said of the internet, computerisation and of automation of commerce that “We have worked hard to abolish work and have succeeded”. The truth of this is self-evident when we compare the back-breaking work of, say, 50 rural peasants 100 years ago bringing in  the harvest – with an average life-span of 34 years – compared to a combine harvester doing the same work today. Some farm machines have already become wholly automatic and driverless. So, the old method of distributing wealth via necessity jobs and wages no longer functions. We MUST share our automated, labour free wealth without jobs – or at least the sort of hard jobs that we did. 2003 will bring new wealth distribution systems such as my BIRTHRIGHT proposal.

GLOBAL CURRENCY – Many of our economic problems stem from gambling with national currencies – and commodities – and all paper wealth. 2013 will see serious efforts of intelligent co-operation between nations and industries to create a single global currency – and reliable global commodity and energy markets. This will be a large step towards abolishing the Gangster Economics that have dominated the world to date. The internet enables such improvements.

INTERNET RULERS AND CENSORS– As these and many other changes to the status-quo are enabled by The Information Society, The Electronic Revolution and The Internet – the incumbent gangs, embedded in our communities for millennia, will react by trying to control the means and mediums of communication – these attacks, both subtle and direct, are already prevalent. The counter force, which we will see far more of in 2013, will be alternative internet technologies, outside government and commercial control. The next generation of geeks will be mostly young – at least young at heart – and hugely inventive in liberating wireless, free technologies. As the world makes yet another “quantum” leap with processing power – so it will with energy sources. Look out for wireless, transmitted power becoming universally available – maybe from sunlight? This will in turn enable alternative economies.

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