Monday, 15 April 2013


The tax-havens-capital-flight revelations of 130,000 names of persons and companies using The British Virgin Islands and other Caribbean havens to hide huge amounts from the tax authorities, have triggered reactions from around the world. Go to the source of the revealed data:

Governments have woken up to the vast sums of money and assets that have been gouged out of their industries and siphoned from the High Street - to join the previously concealed  rivers-of-offshore-cash that more than outweigh the alleged mountains-of-debt that OECD countries, their fiscal authorities and the majority of their citizens are accused of "borrowing" to fund their lazy, workshy, overpaid lifestyles. The $21 trillion to $32 trillion estimated to be buried off-shore by trans-border corporations and individuals will more than repay The Mountains of Debt - clear all current hunger, vital medical programs and the investment needs of the next 20 years - and, by liberating and mobilising all oppressed peoples, will set the world on a modern hi-tech course to unparalleled wealth for society.

Notable among the nations too shy to comment is The United Kingdom - Great Britain, which is unsurprising as it invented the concept of tax havens - for privileged aristocrats (Only little people pay tax). But today, now that every Tom and Dick and Harriet, every minor business and high paid executive, are burying all their surplus treasures in tacky little tax-free islands and mountain-tops, served by banks as safe as The Bank of Cyprus - major governments are going for repatriation of their assets. From which regions was the tax-free money siphoned - where are the well-springs of The Rivers of Cash? 

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