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28th May 2013 - EU data shows there are 7.5 million unemployed European youths consigned to the scrapheap. Catastrophe Warning on EU Youth Unemployment. There is $21 trillion to $32 trillion buried offshore by the super-rich, equivalent to 70 million jobs. The UK Prime Minister has just approved his chief tax collector's new job with one of the Big 4 tax-planners, sending out a strong signal that tax-evaders are safe in Britain and in the UK's tax-havens.

"Sod the lot of you suckers, who are also our valued customers - Capital is on strike. We've got it and you owe it; and we'd rather have a major war, total chaos or revolution than invest it back in OECD countries - from where we've siphoned the money for the past 30 years!"

27th May 2013 - With the required approval of British Prime Minister David Cameron, top civil servant Dave Hartnett, disgraced head of the UK's tax collecting agency HMRC, has spun rapidly through the revolving door from a lifetime in government, latterly failing to collect the taxes due from industry and big business, and landed in the luxurious lap of Deloitte. Deloitte are one of the Big-4, accountants, tax-planners and auditors. They concoct and recommend the tax-efficient schemes and then go in and audit the books of the same major companies - and - guess what? They find the companies comply with all the laws - all over the World. "It is all perfectly legal". What an amazing coincidence.

This appointment stinks. It reeks of high level conspiracy.
1) Head of HMRC - top civil servant, DH.
2) Major international companies - tax billions disputed.
3) Major international auditors and tax-planners Big 4.
4) DH bypasses the rules and shakes hands on tax deals.
5) Disgraced DH resigns /takes early retirement.
6) DH given high paid commercial posts including joining the auditors and planners of one of largest tax discounts ever given.
7) David Cameron approves the revolving door post:- Prime Minister Cameron's wealth descends from his father's partnership at Panmure Gordon - and from later extensive tax-haven family funds.

Or - do we owe these loyal gentlemen an apology*

"Wikipedia - Leaving his full-time role as a City stockbroker, Ian Cameron (David Cameron's dad) went on to act as chairman of Close International Asset management, a multimillion-pound investment fund based in Jersey; as a senior director of Blairmore Holdings Inc, registered in Panama City and currently worth £25m; and he was also a shareholder in Blairmore Asset Management based in Geneva.
However, the family will – a public document seen by the Guardian – only details the assets of Ian Cameron's estate in England and Wales. Offshore investments would only be listed in submissions to HMRC for inheritance tax purposes. It is unclear what those assets – if any – are worth and which family member owns them."  

This government approved hiring, kicks sand in the faces of all the under-resourced agencies trying to reduce global tax-evasion and repatriate the $21 trillion to $32 trillion hidden in tax-havens. It is a powerful message to the world's crooks that London was, is and intends to remain the largest money laundering, tax-evasion haven, ever - whatever the consequences.

Bring us your drug cartels, your bent double bookkeeping, your blood diamonds, your gangsters, crooked dictators, arms dealers, criminals, dodgy directors, bonus gouging executives, evasive dentists and all other spivs. If you have money - you must be virtuous and blessed. We welcome all those who cheat their own nations, their own communities, who are traitors to their fellows, colleagues and neighbours; who are parasites feeding on ordered society with all of its advantages for trade and commerce - advantages bought with hard earned tax-dollars. Leeches, tape worms and sociopaths are all welcome to tax-free London.

There are only two possible sane responses to these insane machinations:

1) All good taxpayers withhold tax, until all due taxes are collected from the evaders. If you think you have a taxable income - just send yourself a "perfectly legal" transfer pricing invoice or a gobbledygook transfer document from a tax-haven and the taxable income dissolves - NO MORE TAX - All fully approved by your local friendly tax officers and embedded tax efficient "sleeper" judges in our Courts - NB retrospective bribes and sinecures accepted.

2) All OECD governments confiscate and repatriate the offshore funds - and tax them. Send in the gun-boats.

or 3) bankrupt OECD nations and global chaos.

* 30 May 2013 - AN APOLOGY MAY BE DUE: A reader points out that Dave (Sweetheart) Hartnett might be a continuing, loyal, diligent and clever civil servant, still working for the UK. With the cunning connivance of his Prime Minister, it is possible Dave has been inserted into Deloitte and is, as we speak, copying their Vodafone tax-plans and audit files - and the files of other large and small complex groups who are Deloitte clients - and is passing the data to the HMRC Investigation Squad. Hartnett could be a fifth-columnist, a double-agent, whose cover required him to first make major, public sweetheart deals with taxpayers. This theory makes a lot of sense - as part of the UK's battle to recover its full share of offshore assets, as the USA aggressively tackles its tax-haven criminals and repatriation of trillions of dollars. And that of course is why he has the Prime Minister's full approval. If so, we apologize for suspecting the worst. After he has transferred the evidence for prosecution and quit his private sector posts then surely at least a knighthood will follow. Arise Sir Dave the Virtuous and Valorous, Bane of Tax-Evaders! 

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