Thursday, 23 May 2013


I really don't like to brag - anymore than do most other human beings - but as a "distinguished futurist" looking at the far future, I rarely get an opportunity, or expect to live long enough, to see the quantum wave forms of my forecasts collapse into tangible reality. But now, ...such a far fetched forecast has already proved correct. The mighty Apple Corporation has actualized and crystallized my prophecy, written for the European Commission and Bank Dresdner in 1999, that by 2012 companies would establish tax-havens on Earth satellites, baffling all the World's tax authorities. Dah! dah!

In fact Apple has gone further. It has structured its multifarious group companies and their millions of  quantum transactions, many via internet satellites, in such a futuristic way as to have no location, no residence, no presence ...for tax purposes, anywhere on Earth or in near Earth orbit. And they have baffled the tax collectors. In 1999 such electronic chicanery was unimaginable - but my paper correctly predicted it. The article also predicted many other internet related realities and developments that have come to pass. I will boast no more - check it out.

For personal, societal or business reasons, it pays to get a good sense of what is coming next and to plan accordingly. 

The near future is becoming increasingly chaotic and likely to be dominated by primitive reactionaries, evolving electronics and climate change. Nature is stirring the weather and increasing sea levels. Viruses and bacteria have evolved to beat our best antibiotics; plague threatens once again. See how these forces might impact the whole human race, quite soon, in the dramatic novel Out of the Depths.

Once person-kind gets its act together; learns to cooperate intelligently and to fully embrace the electronic revolution - the World will be a better place. It might take, is likely to take some time to mature. So I have set my optimistic forecasts in a Utopian and lighthearted novel some way into the future - AD2516 After Global Warming

Underlying the very readable story you will find scientific advances, space travel and societal advances that can be taken seriously. In this future world there is no money - and so no taxes. Most goods are "printed" on demand (didn't someone just print a gun). People live for 180 years in perfect health. Everyone has an embedded bio-computer. One of our heroes, Sebastian, falls in love with "the most beautiful woman in the universe". Read it now to get ahead of the game. Buy it now while stocks last - to avoid disappointment.

And do try to live long enough to see if these prophecies come true.

Here is how the current Information Society, The Internet, The Electronic Revolution, Referendum Government - will develop.  

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