Wednesday, 26 June 2013


TIMES & TIDES - Talking with an equally elderly cleric yesterday, we old men agreed that the recent spate of revelations about the bad behavior of our elected representatives, our civil servants, our snoopers and spies, the wider government, bureaucrats, bankers, The City, Wall Street, fat corporate executives, crooked bookkeepers and, in the UK, of our once admired police forces - now revealed as conspiratorially "fitting-up" blameless citizens, such as families of victims seeking truth, or lawful protesters - bring a flood of bad tidings, unprecedented in volume and in drowning the free human spirit. The dull dead hand and banality of evil lies heavy on the world we have created.

The general global collapse of moral and ethical behavior and the accepted growth of cheating, bullying, illicit surveillance in government, and of insatiable greed by executives of large public and private sector organisations, has been underlined and affirmed this month by revelations about TEMPORA, PRISM, RIPA, NSA, GCHQ, LIBOR, and dozens of so called "intelligence" agencies, and quangos, and units of government and corporations that have "gone rogue". Things certainly ain't wot they used to be, when worldwide millions of my parent's generation cooperated and sacrificed their lives to repel savage, primitive, cruel invaders, intent on domination.

While millions still starve and suffer daily, has the US & UK Anglo-Saxon economic Monetarist model, which knows the price of everything but the value of nothing, spawned billions of moronic, self-seeking, narcissistic, obese, unthinking consumers and "new aristocrats" who seek nothing more than continuously sating their dulled appetites from birth until their meaningless, unconscious, drugged, painless deaths? Yes, very probably. The heroic selflessness, courage, sharing, chivalry and spirit of society during and following the two World Wars has diminished and reversed. We are now a polluted planet of apes with our hands stuck in the cookie jars and our heads, unable to extrapolate beyond today, stuck deep in the sand.

The world, its leaders and its governors determinedly and willfully ignore all thinkers who look more than a year ahead. To behave intelligently, to increase and share the planet's truly limitless wealth with goodwill, to think about the future, does the human race need the stimulus of destructive, vile wars? Must we promote and elevate identifiable cruel and mad demons, Hitlers and Stalins, to do battle with? Do we still need to create and empower external enemies "out there" - societal scapegoats for our own dark side - enemies on whom we like to project evil - rather than look into and heal our own souls and fix our flawed selfish, socio-economic behaviors?

Sadly, the answers are probably all YES. In our fear and paranoia we seek and find enemies we can hate, and whose wives, children, cultures and cities we can torment, rip, burn and destroy, with God on our side. 

ONE SMALL E-FORECAST - Before or after the next mass slaughters, probably civil-wars, I predict that the mass electronic surveillance by all governments of all citizens will generate INTERNET-2, which will by-pass existing infra-structure, interception and interference. Ironically, the new technologies are being stimulated and used by the snooping agencies who, above all, have the greatest need for secret communications. The existing Internet, The World Wide Web, and CCTV, will be sabotaged by irate users using the simple algorithm of "Rubbish In - Rubbish Out". 

And bear in mind - Hitler would have been no more than a powerless solitary ranting lunatic if nobody, from secretaries to lavatory cleaners to generals, had carried out his orders. It is We, The People, who empower and serve such banal evil. Be brave! Publicly, simply say NO!

What's the alternative? Its in my book AD2516 - After Global Warming.

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