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8 DEC 2015. PM David Cameron whinges: 

"...Sorry to ruin your Christmas; but I can't do anything about floods. The austerity Chancellor tells me that  we haven't got any money for UK infrastructure. Mine and the Cabinet's and all our pals' billions are in the tax-havens. And that's where it will all stay. Only little people pay tax. You paupers can dig the sludge out of your hovels over the Christmas holiday. After all, you've nothing else to do and nowhere else to go." 

DEC 2013 - Somerset Floods - Government promises, promises, promises.. NOTHING.

Cumbria floods November 2009 — a look back
"....But our Government hasn't got any money for flood defences."

These Somerset rain flood waters spread from Bristol to London and stopped within 1 mile of Heathrow & Gatwick airports, the UK's major freight and passenger airports. Planes cannot land or take off through flood waters. "But we haven't got any money to fix this"


The Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1 0AA
By Post and Email – CC Media

15 June 2013.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Offshore tax and offshore cities.

I applaud your brave leadership, urging the G8 nations to eradicate tax avoidance and evasion, particularly via tax-havens. My purpose is to help UK industry grow, for the sake of my grandchildren.

(1) As a member of TJN, the Tax Justice Network, and a tax planning poacher turned gamekeeper; I have learned from Treasury Minister David Gauke, via The Rt. Hon Andrew Smith MP ( TAX-HAVEN OWNERS IDENTIFIED  ) that HMRC aims to collect a further meagre £3 billion from offshore and onshore tax avoiders. The OECD Paris office calculates there is $21 trillion of tax-evasion-capital-flight hidden in tax havens, which grows by $1 trillion per annum. Wall Street experts estimate the offshore total is now $32 trillion – which logically accords with $1 trillion a year being globally siphoned offshore in the 30 years since the start of the 1980’s Big Bang disastrous “light–touch” regulations. I estimate that $4 trillion of this was siphoned, with questionable and hence retrospectively reversible tax-relief claims, from UK High Streets, which could be recovered by HMRC applying the existing back-duty-tax rules that they still strictly apply to homeland UK tax offenders. With the recent 130,000 names from the BVI data and now with PRISM, it is clear that governments know in detail where the offshore assets are – and could quickly issue protective tax assessments.

Do you agree that HM Treasury is mistaking the trillions we could repatriate, for their risible target of £3 billion – a sweetheart deal factor of 1,000 times?

(2) With 63 million citizens, we need more land and more homes. If HM Treasury collects $4 trillion (about 7 million jobs), the government must ensure it is immediately invested, privately or publicly, into long term sustainable, high-tech UK industry. As a so called “distinguished futurist” I urge you to use the money to build offshore, but not tax-haven, sophisticated, large, floating, solar, wave and wind, self-sufficient, energy exporting UK cities. The existing economics for utilising seascape are compelling - providing British jobs for our seafaring nation with our world class marine engineering and shipbuilding skills. Add the future economic case, when low lying land and cities worldwide begin to flood: the UK will have far overtaken current Dutch floating buildings technology and will lead the world in permanent floating conurbations, and will have a very profitable new, green-low-carbon export industry.  The first might be Cameron City on Sea, perhaps.

Rather than watch Britain become a mass retirement home of inert, obese, hapless, hard-up, TV-drugged, soporific, sick, unemployed  pensioners, I am prepared to publicly debate this offshore innovation with all whingeing and whining “can’t do” NIMBYs, and with any “do nothing – change nothing – all we want is a quiet death” groups of politicians, scientists or economists.

I would appreciate your views – and active support.

Yours sincerely
Noel Hodson
16 Brookside
Tel 01865 760994
Mobile 07713 681216


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