Friday, 21 June 2013



The greatest danger to the world economy is tax-evasion-capital-flight. There is now $32 trillion buried in tax havens by an estimated nine million individuals and international companies. The world economy needs the $32 trillion (70 million jobs for 10 years) back in circulation. If money does not circulate, economies and civilizations die. Look at Greece. 

Thanks to data-surveillance interceptions, such as PRISM, and leaks to journalists such as the 130,000 British Virgin Island tax cheats, our governments do know where the assets are hidden. Why won't they repatriate the money? For example, Greece refuses to investigate 2,059 named tax-cheats on The Lagarde List, opting instead to prosecute a journalist for publishing the names. If Greece brought back-tax cases against all its tax-cheats, the nation would have no debt, no austerity and no poverty. 

THE CENTER FOR PUBLIC INTEGRITY - and ICIJ The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists - who have pursued and researched tax evaders for years.

All OECD countries moan and whine about "debt" and blame their citizens. While local tax fiddles are irritating, they do little damage until the evaders gouge the capital out and send it to tax-havens - via the international banks. This ruins nations, but the governments do nothing to repatriate the assets that they know are there. 

The logical reason is, as is clear in the UK, that government and justice systems are at every level infiltrated with tax-cheats, tax-avoiders, tax-evaders, tax-planners, tax cheats apologists, craven lackeys and other sociopaths. $32 trillion buys a lot of loyalty; it would also revitalize all our economies and give our grandchildren modern, high-tech, useful well paid jobs - and move the world forward into an era of unparalleled wealth. 

Who are these embedded crooks and bent bookkeepers who are paralyzing the world? It is time for revelations and claw-back - before civilization collapses into another dark age of selfish insane aristocrats, who have to be removed by revolutions and civil wars. 

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