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17TH JULY 2014 - The UK Government has used the public's loathing of child abusers to shoehorn in, literally overnight, a new 1984 Total Surveillance law - DRIP - which requires all telephone and internet providers to retain all records of all telecoms and internet use on all citizens, in perpetuity. And, of course, to give total access to government agencies. This contrasts with German Chancellor Angela Merkel's and EU demands that the US (and the UK) stop meta-data and personal e-spying on family, friends and foes alike.

Conservative PM, David Cameron, insists that he and DRIP are keeping us all safe in beds - safe from Terrorists and Sex Abusers; and that "IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, then you have nothing to fear" - the assurance offered by all mad dictators and secret police. This coincides with a new inquiry into sex abuse by senior UK political figures - allegedly including top Tory figures - who among other unpleasant habits beat and sodomised little boys trapped in government "Care Homes", from about 1950 to date; probably all Friends of Jimmy Savile.

To demonstrate the urgent need for DRIP, UK police have, on the same day the snooping law was passed, arrested 660 UK pedophiles who have been accessing and swapping vile images of abused children. Only 39 of those arrested were previously on the Sex Offenders register. A police investigator for OPERATION NOTARISE said there are 50,000 Brits who use such illegal criminal pornography. An academic expert from UCL, on BBC Newsnight 16th July, claimed that 1 in 6 UK children are sexually abused; which is so unlikely that he ought to check his data and insane calculations.

FUTURIST VIEW - So, what are the consequences? Government will know what all citizens are doing on-line and no records will be deleted. Any attempt to block surveillance and keep business confidential will be an immediate target for zealous snoopers. This will accelerate the growth of the unhackable (so far) INTERNET 2 called MESHNET and other wireless networks. It will also enable TAX COLLECTORS to gather cast iron evidence of tax and money frauds going back decades, which will cause a run on the world's 74 tax-havens. On-shoring will greatly accelerate from now - in 2014. For child-abusers, terrorists and tax-evaders there is nowhere safe to hide.

PRISM - the news of the mass collection and storage of everyone's messages, has shocked most citizens. Government officers, elected and not elected, and "intelligence experts" pretending not to be spooks, are crowding our TV screens, radio news, magazines and newspapers to tell us that total surveillance is the price we pay for security. These pillars of the community remind us several times a day that letters have been intercepted and conversations eavesdropped since the beginning of history - for the good of society. We celebrate our top spies and code breakers as defenders and saviours of our freedom. And most love and use the technology that PRISM needs to track our every move, message and meal. The UK happily and meekly accepts being the most CCTV'd nation on Earth - though I think US spy-cameras are catching up very fast.

On the other side are all who have read George Orwell's 1984, The Spanish Inquisition, The Witch Trials, The Crucible, The Holocaust, Stalin's 10 Million Murders, McCarthyism and about all the other total loonies who have been elevated to power by the people - and then horribly oppressed the people. Stasis, Nazis, Jesuits and Thought Police have appeared regularly throughout the ages to persecute sane citizens and oppress them with torture, slaughter and leaden, psychopathic bureaucracy.  Not all public servants are saintly servants of the public. Arming them with trillions of our communications may be a very bad idea.

Counter intuitively and contrariwise, in our Alice in Wonderland world, the very agencies that are spying on the citizen's are those with the greatest need and desire for privacy. Senior government figures, spies, military planners, defense contractors (I mean real defense, not war mongering), innovators, inventors, internet companies, electronics makers and software writers etc. all seek covert dens in which to hide and practice their dark arts - and to protect their secrets from the incontinent media. These public and civil servants are neither public nor civil in their desires and actions to manipulate the populace, the plebians, the hoi-polloi, (the US dictionary doesn't know these green words - let's regard it as cultural exchange) and lead us all into a future as envisioned and moulded by them - on our behalf, like it or like it not. Is this perhaps what "They" chat about at the Machiavellian secret meetings of The Bilderberg Group, currently in Watford, England? They too crave the utmost secrecy - as do husbands and wives having affairs and the billions of men and women who access pornography; the pleasure of human sex acts is ruined if performed in public,  say, at a post office, scrutinized by bureaucrats - other than for a strange minority. 

My forecast for the future of global communications is that privacy will be restored, by new technologies that the users can confidently control. In my book about the future AD2516, all citizens have mind-controlled bio computers, from infancy, with total access to all data and communications - but they also have total control and optional total privacy. It may take a few centuries, but we will get there. Oh... and my future citizens also have dispensed with Money. Its a great new world.

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