Friday, 12 July 2013


The Guardian scooped the Edward Snowden story.
Probably the best newspaper in the world
JOIN THE TAX STRIKE. Now that everyone knows that governments know who has buried $32 trillion in tax-havens, globally equivalent to 70 million jobs, and brought the world economy to its knees - we should all withhold tax until the $32 trillion is repatriated. The rich mock us and say "Only little people pay tax". A tiny 0.1% hold tax-haven assets, built up from tax-evasion-capital-flight since 1980. Many are criminals, most are illegal tax-evaders who, up to now, have hidden their identities, thousands infest our governments and financial systems. 

Keep asking - "Who in government use tax-havens?" and demand a total ban on all tax-havens. OECD governments can shut them down immediately - and bring the assets back to re-boot our economies. Passive resistance works. Organize a local tax strike.


The headline of the UK's Guardian Newspaper of 12th July 2013, shouts: MICROSOFT GAVE NSA ACCESS TO USERS' MESSAGES. The article reveals more from the data published by whistle blower Edward  Snowden; currently thought to be living "airside" in Moscow's airport.

If this shocks you, you are one of the world's last innocents. As far back as 1996, one of my clever colleagues, who taught computer science in North America, annoyed his team by refusing to use email "because it is all bugged". It is likely that all our computers and telecoms machines contain chips that indelibly record everything - which is why computer experts advise businesses to destroy old discarded machines, however carefully they think they have deleted data. Note the few seconds it takes to download hundreds of pages in a Kindle E-book, wirelessly connected to your computer, and then  imagine how rapidly everything on your machines, deleted or not, can be uploaded to government agencies. Such snooping is as old as humankind; from peeping Toms, to eavesdropping, to intercepting letters, to telephone taps, to bugging rooms, and now to collecting everything communicated across the internet. Throughout history, many people have been jailed, tortured or executed due to intercepted messages. However: "Never... In the history of Human communications ...Have so many ...And so much  ...Been recorded ...So completely  ...By so few." 

So what does total surveillance herald for society?

Most private individuals (we need to find another term) don't care that their personal messages, web-searches, health events, finances, purchases and preferences are permanently recorded by public servants. They might care if our free societies were suddenly converted to Sharia Law - or even back to good Old Testament morality when fornicators and adulterers were (and are still) stoned to death and thieves, including bent bookkeepers and bankers, had bits of their anatomy chopped off in the public square.

Individuals will care if CCTV surveillance becomes so ubiquitous (common place) and efficient as to harass and curb all minor offenders and offences - like gun-owning, speeding, parking, jaywalking, spitting (gum), littering, drinking, drugging, over-eating, smoking, farting and going to bed late. There is no end to bureaucratic interference ...for our own good. 

Of immediate concern for all IBM, Microsoft, Google, MSN, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Dell etc etc users is commercial and taxation privacy. All banking and business communications since the mid 1990's have been intercepted and, latterly, permanently recorded. The approximately 9.5 million (0.1% of us) otherwise upright world citizens and our good neighbors who have secretly stashed $32 trillion in tax-havens, (70 million jobs) will be alarmed to realize that all their bent transactions since about 1995 are all on government record. They, like us all, will wonder why the tax authorities, the IRS and HMRC for example, don't call them. The answer is that mad "Free Market Economics" has blinded all OECD governments and stayed the hand of the tax collectors. But that phase is over. They will soon be calling - so Move your Money On-Shore.

All commercial secrets - designs, patents, bribes, back-handers, revolving door deals etc have been recorded. It may be that no one (no official) has looked at the data yet. But it is on record. IBM, Big-Blue, mainframes provide 80% of all banking computers. Are IBM exempt from PRISM (US) and RIPA (UK) and TEMPORA (UK) that legally require IT companies to intercept and record our data?

The entire internet has been "photographed" quarterly since 1990 and stored in 3 geo-stable locations around the world - for posterity. It will make a wonderful historical record. Try the WAYBACK MACHINE to view your earliest website.

Because nobody really likes having broadcasting webcams secreted in their lavatories, beds and cars, I repeat my forecast - that this unprecedented bugging will cause another internet to be created - and it will be led by - is being led by - the same IT companies and spy agencies that are doing the snooping. This INTERNET 2 will be wireless and initially free of advertising, like the early years of the World Wide Web.

But how will we, We the People, be sure that INTERNET 2 is private? 

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