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UPDATE - 14 JULY 2014 - Astonishing news:

  1. Church of England General Synod backs women bishops

    2 mins ago - The General Synod of the Church of England votes to allow women to become bishops for first time in its history, after years of debate and ...
 On BBC Radio 4 this morning a young woman vehemently lambasted the revolutionary suggestion that the Church of England General Synod, which meets today, might vote for female bishops. Challenged, by another older woman, the young lady was so convinced of the God ordained holy rights of men-only church officers that she vowed instead to break away and continue the allegedly ancient, men-only, misogynist traditions of the C of E. 

Skipping over the inconvenient truths - such as fat fornicating syphilitic Henry 8th founding the C of E to (a) steal the vast wealth of the monasteries and (b) to dispose of wives he was bored with and (c) to escape the European Union; and that 70% of Church congregations, workers and supporters are women - the objecting young woman clearly has a need to be subservient to wise men. Freudians might trot out the Oedipal Complex explanation that she wants to replace her mother and sleep with her father - so she thoughtlessly hates women and worships men.

...And - what about the vote for homosexual (but non-cohabiting) bishops? Will this same-sex franchise extend to female clerics - creating non-practicing, no touching, lesbian partnerships in our Bishops' Palaces?

But the confusion runs ever deeper and becomes ever more baffling to my seventy year old understanding of women, men, sexuality, religion and law. Since the 1960's advent of The Female Eunuch, Women's Lib and the permissive society; western society has been bombarded by feminists successfully convincing wrong thinking men like me that all males are rancid rapists and paedophiles (US pedophiles) and that all sexual advances from men to women constitute assault; and therefore all males should be castrated at birth. Born and  reared as a lower class condom deprived Catholic, these feminist assertions fitted perfectly with the most profound and complete RC sex education dished out in my early youth, which was exactingly verbally economic. "IT" which was never defined, was, is and always will be "AN ABOMINATION" which was also never defined. Sinful searches of the Old and New Testament and all 26 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica hinted that such abominations included "coveting your neighbour's wife" and "spilling your seed on the ground" and "the sin of Sodom" both also undefined but for which God casually destroyed at least one entire city, nuking "every man, woman, child and the beasts of the field"; demonstrating his thoroughness; and finally, "Let he who has never sinned, cast the first stone..." which we curious, scholarly youths could unpick as involving the stoning to death of a "harlot" (undefined), who was probably excitingly female. Before TV, stoning harlots to death was a jolly sheepherders village family pastime, still applauded by zealous Muslims.   

Today, 2,000 to 5,000 years later, our leaders and teachers are just as coy and mysterious about sexual activity - as 55 years ago were my mute parents, silenced teaching nuns and monosyllabic monks who daily beat knowledge into our thick hides with leather straps. UK Papal Knight Jimmy Savile "abused" some 400 girls, accosting them from 1960-2000 with "inappropriate behaviour" - which is never defined or categorized. Dozens of elderly one time TV stars, MPs, teachers and music tutors are being jailed for undefined "inappropriate behaviour" with girls and boys 30 and 40 years ago - while influential vicious, evil, sadistic rapists who in the same 20 years repeatedly attacked young boys in British government "Children's Care Homes" remain anonymous and uncharged - as did Christian clergy in Ireland, the USA, Canada and Australia. Justice and sex education would be greatly improved by precise clinical definition of these misdemeanors and appalling crimes; and by the eradication of sexual hypocrisy and of sex as "sin".

Compounding my confusion and confounding my ingrained paradigm are two reports that stand everything I ever thought I knew about women and sex on its head. 

Daniel Bergner publishes science reports in What Do Women Want? reviewed in The Guardian 6 July 13, which show females are just as excited by pornography and are just as naturally promiscuous as are males. But they hide it and deny it - some even denying it to themselves. He cites the recent huge uptake by women of the pornographic sadomascochistic book Fifty Shades of Grey, as an example. Women are far more excited by the prospect of sex with a stranger - male or female - than with a known friend. Those knowledgeable, horny, crude lads behind the bicycle sheds who were certain "she is gagging for it" - were apparently right and I, with a far higher and more refined chivalrous intellect was missing out - Damn!. However, the author concedes that while science reveals their high states of arousal, women might be so socialized against promiscuity as to repress their feelings. I imagine that being beheaded by Henry 8th, stoned to death for 5,000 years - and no doubt far, far worse - has modified their natural inclinations. Male Muslims still violently repress females, just as our primitive and deeply stupid ancestors did. Anti-Female-Bishops advocates are still immured in that primitive pre-conscious state. They might find much relief in Stoning to Death Weekend Camps - disposing of wicked harlots and randy men. 

The second report is from Laura Agustin, who is interviewed in New Scientist 6th July 13. She has published Sex at the Margins, a study of those very same harlots, who knuckle dragging religious zealots stone to death, and their paying customers. Contrary to all current wisdom disseminated by our governments and the gutter press, the vast majority of sex-workers enjoy their work, earn a decent living and choose to do it. The so called sex-trafficking industry which allegedly makes sex-slaves of girls and ships them in large numbers to the UK, Europe and the USA "has no basis in fact". The media and government interest in sex-slaves is "hysteria". I guess it is morbid, prurient curiosity - more people who need intelligent sex-education. Some of them will be driven by having been abused as children.  So, prostitutes are not "victims", their shady customers are not abusive monsters - and further criminalizing sex-work will isolate the sex-workers, remove normal legal protection - and put them in grave danger. So, here are more examples of women who like sex and another demonstration that sexually active males are not crazed predators. Perhaps the world is becoming marginally more sane.

Finally - The Muslims: I read yesterday of a Middle-East Iranian woman, Elham Asghari, who has designed a religiously correct, modest head to toe cover, swimming costume. She has swum 20 kilometers in this heavy garment - equivalent to swimming the English Channel in sackcloth and ashes. But the lunatic dictators and mad mullahs who govern her country refuse to recognize her championship achievement "in case it encourages open seas swimming by other women". My guess is that these bullying, low-browed morons would also vote against women Bishops.

Will reality and sanity ever emerge from the swamp of primitive tribal sexual ignorance that many of we gibbering primates wallow in? Or will "IT" always be "AN ABOMINATION"?

Blue Stocking

‘Mental taxation in a woman can lead to atrophy, mania, or worse- leave her incapacitated as a mother. This is not an opinion. It is a fact of nature.’ 

Dr Henry Maudsley, British Psychiatrist

It is 1896 at Girton College, Cambridge, and Elizabeth Welsh is preparing for battle.

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