Thursday, 1 August 2013


Update 19 Aug 2013 - UK spooks hold travelers like David Miranda for 9 hours of interrogation in London airports. These arrest powers apply to all UK ports. You might like to re-route via Paris, or Brussels, Rome or Siberia - to save time. 

TOTAL SURVEILLANCE - The Guardian newspaper prints another exclusive scoop today; telling us about X-KEYSCORE which is the search engine used by spies to spy on Americans and all of us - from their desks. They do know everything about all internet users- about 3 billion people - and are legally permitted (in USA law) under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act FISA to track anyone without specific warrants, oversight or permission.

UPDATE - 2 Aug 13. Another exclusive for The Guardian, detailing NSA and GCHQ partnership. And the Guardian's informant, saint or sinner Edward Snowden, gets Putin's protection.  As they say, or used to say, "Read All About It! Also - Silvio Berlusconi is guilty of 2002-03 $7 million tax-evasion, with a 4 year sentence (he won't go into prison) which debars him from political office. He has 3 more trails pending. If "They" can get Signor Berlusconi for past false-accounting - they can get anyone. Move your assets back on-shore, before the knock on the door.

[ Update - 3 August 2013 - Yet another exclusive for the Guardian (is this the best newspaper in the world?) reporting that all global telephone companies on government orders intercept all telephone traffic - conversations, emails, internet use - and store 21 Petabytes every day - the equivalent of 192 times The British Library contents - daily. In summary - Big Brother uses PRISM, Tempora, X-Keyscore, and "Exceptionally controlled information" from "intercept partners" (the telecos). In Britain GCHQ calls it Mastering the Internet and Global Telecoms Exploitation. Next will come THE THOUGHT POLICE. The Spanish Inquisition would be slavering with lust and envy.]  Use the Guardian Link  

The NSA/ CIA/ FBI / All Big Telecos / Your Local Parking Enforcer / The School Janitor / Your Neighbors; and all others who secretly read your emails etc;  have back tracked on claims made to the Senate that hacking the history of telephone conversations has stopped large numbers (maybe 50 in 10 years) of global terrorist attacks. In Britain the big idiot-crowd-pleasing excuse for The Thought Police is massed pedophiles murdering millions of innocent children, trapped via the internet (11 children a year - killed mostly by their parents). 

GCHQ Cheltenham, UK - 6,132 staff
monitoring telecommunications.
What is surprising to me, is that Capitol Hill must know who is hiding an estimated $32 trillion (80 million jobs) offshore; and in these frugal cash-strapped times the Senators ought to have passed the information to the IRS - who ought to be recovering the ill-gotten gains or tax-evasion-capital-flight, to pay off the fiscal deficits of all OECD countries - including America's $16 trillion "Fiscal Cliff". When France got hold of the names of HSBC offshore accounts in Zurich, they shared the data with OECD nations, revealing that Greek millionaires had hidden billions in 2,058 secret Swiss accounts. 

Now that we know that they know - will governments repatriate the tax-evasion-capital-flight for investment into national industries - and reboot the global economy? And if not; why not? My guess is that the majority of top people - in every walk of life - are complicit in tax-evasion. And $32 trillion buys a lot of friends. But, by law, all the "Funny-Money" can be tax assessed and brought home - pending the "owners" proof that it is all tax-paid and legal. Now would be a good time.

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