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Update - 2nd Oct 2013.
The Daily Mail, Britain's most popular right-wing newspaper has, I think, shot itself in both feet - and chopped its own legs off for good measure. It has launched a playground bullies attack on Ed Miliband's deceased father Ralph Miliband - calling him "AN EVIL LEGACY" and "A MAN WHO HATED BRITAIN" - and publishing a picture of his grave (d. 1994) in London with a ribald caption. 

The attack has been described as cheap, nasty and below the belt. Ed Miliband, usually a mild mannered man, has hit back, calling the articles AN APPALLING LIE. They are of course gutter press lies of the most basic sort, to smear Ed Miliband. 

Ralph Miliband was a highly respected Jewish socialist historian, who fled from the Nazi's and fought in the British Navy - including D-Day landings - risking his life for the Britain he loved.

In stark contrast, the founder of the Daily Mail, Viscount Rothermere, whose family still owns the newspaper, strongly backed and promoted the British Union of Fascists, the infamous Oswald Moseley Blackshirts, and was an apologist for Hitler, who he tried to appease to avoid war. He did not risk his life as a combatant, though The Daily Mail have claimed the family lost two sons in World War 1.

IN THE 1930'S.

The British dislike gutter politics and particularly dislike attacks on politicians' families. This Bad News policy, designed to drive up circulation, doggedly pursued by editor Paul Dacre  who is widely considered "a foul mouthed bully" will lose The Daily Mail both readers and advertisers. 

This major spat between Dacre and Miliband has sidelined my radical article on Miliband not being socialistic enough. Ho Hum! but here's what I said a few days ago:


A socialist manifesto - 26 Sept 2013 - I applaud Ed Miliband* finding his voice (Talking loud, saying something – Guardian 26 Sept 2013) but his timid tinkering is not yet tackling the important issues that would win my vote. 

UK illiquidity can be fixed by taxing our $3 trillion tax-haven assets, of the global $32 trillion siphoned out via false accounting. FALSE ACCOUNTING - US & UK SENTENCES

Statutory robust Living-Wages will address inequality – with 90% tax on incomes over £250,000. 

BIRTHRIGHT – giving every citizen shares in all our businesses will correct “obscene profits” and capital wealth distribution, via informed democratic corporate processes. 

Voting on Issues – not for Parties - will create independent MPs and abolish the cumbersome primitive two party, self-enriching gang system. 

 Immediately; Labour can sabotage the NHS (National Health Service) and other sell-offs by pledging to cheaply re-nationalise, scaring away “Free Market” investors (the world’s 7th largest economy does not need to borrow back our own money. Just close the tax-havens). 

The entire money-bank-system (The City) should be nationalised and run on computers by a few hundred clerks. 

We should make and profitably export clean sea, sun and wind energy; and invest massively in intelligent export manufacturing, education, science, medicine, robots, computers, food, space and ocean exploration – we need to make things that create millions of “brainy” jobs. 

We must aim for Global Intelligent Cooperation. That would put the “Great” back in Britain.

(Mr) Noel Hodson, Oxford, UK

*Ed Miliband is leader of the Labour Party, who will fight the next election in 2015. To date, they have kept their Manifesto so secret that most Britons believe that Labour have no policies and are wandering in the wilderness - perhaps for 40 years. Both Ed and his brother David are "professional" politicians; privately educated, never worked outside of politics; probably never had a mortgage, bank loan or overdrawn credit card - but claim to be "of the people" and for the people. 

A study by James S. Henry, former chief economist at McKinsey & Company, estimates that wealthy individuals have $21 trillion to $32 trillion in private financial wealth tucked away in offshore havens — roughly equivalent to the size of the U.S. and Japanese economies combined.

Months before war, Rothermere said Hitler's work was superhuman
by Richard Norton-Taylor
THE proprietor of the Daily Mail sent a series of supportive and congratulatory telegrams to Nazi Germany's leaders, including Hitler, just months before the second world war, papers released today reveal.

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