Wednesday, 4 September 2013



The UK media today reports that another million workers are now being paid less than The Living Wage, making 4.82 million UK people locked into full time jobs, who are paid too little to live on.

Low paid workers in America are on strike, demanding $15 (£10) an hour - as a Minimum Wage. The US administration is offering $9 an hour.

The Minimum Wage is much less per week than The Living Wage; so even if the Minimum Wage is paid to all workers, they cannot live a normal life on their take-home-pay.

The greedy, cunning employers of people who are paid less than a living wage are hugely subsidized  by tax-payers who have to make up the difference - or see disease, hunger, poverty and crime rise and risk social unrest. The customers and shareholders of the Scrooge employers reap the benefits in lower prices and higher profits (mostly shipped tax-free offshore, leaving nothing for the national treasuries).

5 Sept 13 - NEWS FLASH - Waging war against Syria (or any region or group) diverts voters' attention from low-wages, tax-free offshore assets (enough to reboot the Global Economy), that "only little people pay tax" and big ones don't, from politicians' and public servants' tax-haven cash piles (e.g. where's the follow up on the recently published 130,000 BVI bank accounts?), - and... war has the added advantage of siphoning many more billions of tax-dollars to our old friends The Defense Industry; who will retrospectively greatly personally reward world leaders who make the "right" decisions. They can all be as effortlessly rich and sun tanned in retirement as Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair.  5.30pm LONDON. The new boos of Network Rail has "negotiated" annual pay of £648,000, $1 million dollars to work for this risk free government quango that fails to run UK trains on time or within budget. Lets be kind and assume that between leisure time, Wimbledon, Cricket, Opera and Soccer and Rugby, this man squeezes in 2,000 hours at the office - for what will be abject failure he gets $500 an hour + pension + perks + travel + cars etc. Even the hallowed BBC has jumped on the rip-off merchants' bandwagon and illicitly paid out £2 million above (generous) contracts to selected BBC executives. If all these "special" deals were brought back to sensible levels, globally, there would be enough to pay Living Wages - with no inflationary  pressure. $500 or $9 per hour - Because We Are Worth It. These greedy parasites should be sent to work camps.

Governments bask in the glow of fiddled statistics, boasting of lower unemployment numbers.

Loan Sharks circle the unfortunate, vulnerable, low paid families. Loan Shark lending is increasing daily and Loan Shark profits are soaring. The lenders offer prayers of thanks to their benefactors, the People's mean-minded elected Representatives, and offer human sacrifices as they consume their victims.

Children growing up in low paid neighborhoods and trying to break out, are lured into petty crime such as drugs and child prostitution. But, if they are liberated, where would politicians and executives find children who will do anything for $5? UK government employees in Westminster made 300,000 web-porn searches last year. 

In our insane, irresponsible societies, the children are of course blamed for their life-styles, for sexually tempting upright politicians and judges, are criminalized and sent to our increasingly privatized prisons - where the tax-payers cough up $100,000 a year fees to the jailers - and their happy shareholders. We MUST keep our prisons full - it is great business. All the income from tax-revenues are of course siphoned tax-free to tax-havens. Tax Haven assets grow by $1 trillion per year, adding to the $32 trillion already buried there - by rich, sociopathic employers who won't pay The Living Wage.

All sane economists agree that paying a Living Wage will boost all OECD nation's economies. Of these, the US is the most grasping, meanest employer in the modern developed world. It is little wonder that the US has 47 million people on Food Stamps. This is slavery and bullying by the backdoor. How dare employers capture people's work-time and pay them less than they need to stay alive? How dare they dump their social deficits on the tax-payers? What sort of nation condones subjecting people to such abject conditions and institutional bullying? Do YOU vote for these malevolent administrations?

It is time for fundamental legal changes. 


According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Living Wage Calculator, a single Calhoun County resident with no children would need to make $8.29 per hour at full-time status to fully support himself.
For households where there is one earner who is supporting another adult and two children, the paycheck needs to be $17.66 per hour. (NB - Do a net-search for "US Living Wage" - it barely registers).

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