Monday, 16 September 2013


18 SEPT 2013 ...and here is the full scandalous story, courtesy of investigative journalists at Private Eye, London - 20th Sept edition. The BIG 4 auditors (we are supposed to trust) are the major tax-planners AND are embedded in high government offices - that make the tax rules. Private Eye names some major players. The UK government has 130,000 BVI and 6,000 Zurich HSBC and 3,000 other UK names of tax-evasion assets in tax-havens - but will not tax them? 

Ever been had? Never before on this scale of fraudulent conspiracy; $32 trillion removed from our economies and buried in tax-havens. Does it make you angry?

Tax, Lies and Videotape - BBC 16 SEPT 13.

Duration: 30 minutes
The government says it is cracking down on tax avoidance and evasion, but does the tough talk really stand up to scrutiny? Panorama goes undercover in the City to investigate the truth about UK tax policy. The programme discovers how London is still home to the tax avoidance industry and how new laws could allow big companies to avoid billions in tax. Show less

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