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17TH JULY 2014 - The UK Government has used the public's loathing of child abusers to shoehorn in, literally overnight, a new 1984 Total Surveillance law - DRIP - which requires all telephone and internet providers to retain all records of all telecoms and internet use on all citizens, in perpetuity. And, of course, to give total access to government agencies. This contrasts with German Chancellor Angela Merkel's and EU demands that the US (and the UK) stop meta-data and personal e-spying on family, friends and foes alike.

Conservative PM, David Cameron, insists that he and DRIP are keeping us all safe in beds - safe from Terrorists and Sex Abusers; and that "IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, then you have nothing to fear" - the assurance offered by all mad dictators and secret police. This coincides with a new inquiry into sex abuse by senior UK political figures - allegedly including top Tory figures - who among other unpleasant habits beat and sodomised little boys trapped in government "Care Homes", from about 1950 to date; probably all Friends of Jimmy Savile.

To demonstrate the urgent need for DRIP, UK police have, on the same day the snooping law was passed, arrested 660 UK pedophiles who have been accessing and swapping vile images of abused children. Only 39 of those arrested were previously on the Sex Offenders register. A police investigator for OPERATION NOTARISE said there are 50,000 Brits who use such illegal criminal pornography. An academic expert from UCL, on BBC Newsnight 16th July, claimed that 1 in 6 UK children are sexually abused; which is so unlikely that he ought to check his data and insane calculations.

FUTURIST VIEW - So, what are the consequences? Government will know what all citizens are doing on-line and no records will be deleted. Any attempt to block surveillance and keep business confidential will be an immediate target for zealous snoopers. This will accelerate the growth of the unhackable (so far) INTERNET 2 called MESHNET and other wireless networks. It will also enable TAX COLLECTORS to gather cast iron evidence of tax and money frauds going back decades, which will cause a run on the world's 74 tax-havens. On-shoring will greatly accelerate from now - in 2014. For child-abusers, terrorists and tax-evaders there is nowhere safe to hide.


7 Nov 2013 - Update 

Tim Berners-Lee condemns spy agencies as heads face MPs

Inventor of world wide web condemns 'dysfunctional and unaccountable' oversight as intelligence chiefs face MPs

UPDATE - 7 OCT 13: Nuke the spooks! I have downloaded TOR Vidalia Browser to baffle the spies - but have't yet made it work. MIT offer OpenPDS for private data and New Scientist recommend DuckDuckGo ,a search engine that doesn't keep a record or send your data to NSA and GCHQ. Maybe if I were 17 not 70 I could install such software and be confident that it was protecting my telecoms. As it is, I guess it just attracts spies from around the world, wondering what I have to hide.

4th October 2013.
Inside the Snowden files, John Lanchester, Guardian 4 October 2013, is a detailed analysis of the private data being collected, collated and filed by the surveillance agencies, and the journalist's views of the changes and dangers such total spying poses for civilization. There is no doubt at all that the USA and UK governments are reading all our emails, even encrypted emails, all our web-searches and visits, all our texts, phone conversations, on-line purchases, medical records, our physical journeys (your mobile phone tracks you), ...and the temperature of the inside of your fridge.

Lanchester reports that the UK is the most spied on nation, with more than 1.85 million CCTV cameras (one for every 30 people); face and licence-plate readers; an extensive "Internet of Things" which are sensors fitted to many everyday products; 6,000 or more E-spies at GCHQ, Cheltenham; and recent laws that permit all and any invasion of privacy. This massively expensive and intrusive machine is The State's response to terrorism that has killed 53 people (2002-10) since 9/11 2001 - as compared to 26,805 road deaths in the same 8 years. It is a manic, neurotic overreaction that threatens all of us, our children, grandchildren, and their children "unto the seventh generation". 

These immense spying costs have been bravely borne by successive governments, despite the deepest recession in a century, triggered by tax-evasion-capital-flight of $1 trillion a year to secret accounts in secret tax-havens, now hiding $32 trillion (80 million jobs); which UK and US tax collectors refuse to collect and repatriate. Instead most OECD economies struggle with cut-backs, austerity, "no money", no new investment, 60% youth unemployment in some regions, and the resurrection of fascism.

Coincidentally, last night I saw George Orwell's 1984, at the Playhouse Theatre in Oxford, UK. It is irredeemably without mercy, pity, conscience, humanity or love. The State's final sinister triumph is to torture Winston Smith, lastly in Room 101, to the point where he screams "Do it to Julia"; the woman he loved more than life itself. Orwell wrote his awful vision in 1948, in the shadow of the evil of the holocaust, the most efficient and cruelest of mass murders,  and during a string of seemingly endless international wars. He accurately prophesied today's abuse of electronic surveillance and its use to pacify and suppress the unthinking, unconscious majority - today's screen drugged junkies. It is a terrible tale. John Lanchester sees it as mankind's terrible future as electronic surveillance and control is tightened.

Those purblind, feeble minded half-wits among us who say of today's total surveillance that "If you've done nothing wrong - you've nothing to fear" have never experienced or contemplated the determined crushing power of evil - that recently slaughtered tens of millions of innocent men, women, children and babies in Europe and across Stalin's Russia. Evil has no reason other than the enjoyment of power for dominion, chaos and evil. We empower The State with our personal data and no checks and balances at our greatest peril. My weedy rebellion, after reading Lanchester, is to download freeware TOR Vidalia, which claims to baffle internet spooks. It probably simply acts as a magnet to our ever vigilant spies - so I will now be watched 24 hours a day. Its a wonderful example of Orwell's political Doublethink.

Winston Smith's job is to rewrite history as dictated by The Party, who impose the new facts through The Thought Police. Lady Thatcher's $34 million resignation "speaking fees" from US Republican clubs, which she banked in "a charity" in tax-haven Berne, Switzerland was widely reported at the time. The tax dodging reports have been excised from the internet - presumably to preserve her saintly reputation as Britain's Joan of Arc. Who else is rewriting E-history? And to what purpose?  See if you can find this fact of history.

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