Thursday, 10 October 2013


UPDATE - 13 May 2014 - No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the US Surveillance State by Glen Greenwald - is a new book that fills the hearts of the deeply paranoid with joy. We neurotics, who exist in  a grey vague state of doubt, cynicism and fear of government will be confirmed and justified by learning, for example, that all our internet modems and routers, made in China and America, have chips that also connect us to the snoopers - and record and feed back all our communications and browsing. "They" also use many tools to disrupt any internet use deemed by "Them" to be politically incorrect. 


The debate or row about meta-data, US and UK, Chinese and Russian total surveillance, spooks, snoopers, spies and privacy rages on. Central figures such as US military prisoner Chelsea Bradley Manning, US fugitive Edward Snowden, Australian Julian Assange of Wikileaks, UK Alan Rushbridger at The Guardian and US Editors at The New York Times, The ICIJ - International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and The Center for Public Integrity in New York, have been joined by the UK's new head of military intelligence MI5, Andrew Parker. 

As expected, Mr Parker stands shoulder to shoulder with the main snoopers; the US NSA - The National Security Agency and the UK's GCHQ - Government Communications Headquarters, and presumably with all well intentioned spy agencies around the world, who are keeping a very close eye on their citizens. And, of course, on all terrorists, pedophiles and benefits cheats. Who is missing from this list? Oh - could it be offshore tax-evaders who want to lend us back our own money at high rates?

Mr Parker, referring to recent revelations of mass surveillance programs such as PRISM, TEMPORA and others, criticizes all who publish leaked secrets about government surveillance, in particular The Guardian and New York Times who are publishing data stolen by Edward Snowden. The head of MI5 says that publication puts the spies at risk and sabotages their surveillance of terrorists. (53 UK people were killed by terrorists from 2002 to 2010).

UPDATE - 11 OCT 2013 - The UK's Guardian newspaper has been accused of treason by a rival, the Daily Mail (which supported fascism before WW2), for publishing the fact that we are all being monitored. In rebuttal, The Guardian today published supportive endorsements from most of the world's serious news media and many political commentators. As the US Fiscal Cliff looms - recovering $32 trillion (80 million jobs) from tax-havens becomes ever more urgent. Action this day!

Where's the Money - Who are the real saboteurs?

What is singularly lacking from the great international surveillance debate is the far greater sabotage and damage done to OECD nations, including the US and UK, of  tax-evasion-capital-flight at the rate of $1 trillion a year to tax-havens. All terrorists need funds and all their funds go through tax-havens. All secret tax-haven funds are illegal in tax law. They are quite simply "false accounting" or "fraudulent conspiracy" or "wire fraud" - and so can be repatriated and taxed - and invested back into the countries of origin. The RED CROSS report this week that in Europe 20% live below the poverty line; that's 110 million citizens. 50 million Americans need Food Stamps and cannot afford health insurance. Countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain have 60% youth unemployment and are going bust, directly due to tax-evasion-capital-flight. 

The ICIJ recently published 130,000 tax-fraud accounts in the British Virgin Islands. What are our governments doing about it? Nothing at all in the UK, other than an embarrassed silence. The Greek government has this week re-arrested a journalist who published 2,059 Greek VIP accounts hidden in Zurich, one of which held $500,000 untaxed assets, and now accuse him (again) of the crime of invasion of privacy. He must learn, in prison, that posh Greeks do not pay tax or invest in Greece!


We now know from recent leaks that Big Brother, The NSA, GCHQ and Mr Parker at MI5 know who owns the $32 trillion (80 million jobs) in tax-haven accounts and have copies of the past 20 years' transactions. Are these national agencies happy to see their countries sink into medieval poverty, to decline and fall - all to preserve the privacy of the 0.5% who have broken the nations' banks - and who refuse to return and invest the money? 

Full marks to the spies for curtailing terrorists. No marks for conniving, through inaction, with tax fraud, wire fraud, false accounting and the wrecking of our vital economies. The rise of fascism and the very real immediate dangers of social unrest and crime are far greater threats to our democracies than terrorism. ACTION THIS DAY! 

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