Monday, 14 October 2013


Tax-Evasion-Capital-Flight is the worst crime and greatest treason people commit against their own country. The appalling state of Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, the UK, and not forgetting near bankrupt America, paralyzed by the urgent need to borrow more than $16.5 trillion ($16,500,000,000,000) to meet its international debts; all testify to the sabotage and structural damage done by those few persons 0.5% of the population, who gouge out all the liquidity, claim tax-relief on the false accounting transactions and siphon out assets to be frozen in tax-havens. 

If you really hate your country, your neighbors and friends - grab all the assets, pay no taxes, and F*** off with it to tax-havens. That will ruin everyone you know and rapidly wreck your nation. All countries can be like Greece with chronic unemployment, despair and rapidly growing fascism.

Money in tax-havens is by definition secret and un-taxed. In tax law we are guilty until we prove we have paid due taxes. The IRS and HMRC mechanism is to identify a tax-evading asset owner and issue a protective assessment, usually at the highest tax rate plus interest and penalties.

Now that The NSA and GCHQ admit that they have all the meta-data required to identify tax-haven asset owners, the world can expect to see $32 trillion of protective assessments issued this year. Enforcement and collection will pay all nations' deficits and debts. Then we can invest the stolen cash back in our own countries - and accelerate the global economy as never before.

(Supervision not subversion is the real threat to the state. - George Monbiot - Guardian - 15 Oct 13)

Letter to The Guardian - 14 Oct 2013. 
Tax evasion capital flight is a capital crime:

Chris Huhne makes a strong argument for rounding up tax-evaders and putting them in prison alongside benefit cheats. (If prison deters crime, why don’t tax evaders go there? Guardian 14 Oct 13). However he underestimates the scale of tax-evasion-capital-flight and what the UK can repatriate, by 1,000 times; he talks of billions instead of trillions. Tax Minister David Gauke recently wrote to me to stress his determination to collect a few billion in evaded taxes over several years – equating to about half of one year’s London bankers’ bonuses.

Studies by the OECD, Paris and one by Wall Street economist James S Henry show there is $32 trillion (80 million global jobs) tax-unpaid money offshore. The global total grows by $1 trillion annually. The UK’s share of this vast hoard is about $3 trillion (8 million UK jobs) - $16 trillion has been siphoned from the US economy, equivalent to the US deficit that is currently paralyzing the government.   

The illegality is glaringly obvious from the term “tax-haven”, where tax-unpaid assets gouged from OECD economies are secreted, most via clumsy false accounting, and undeclared for years, which is against existing laws, and can thus all be legally seized using HMRC’s /IRS's powers of Protective Assessment, Penalties and Compound Interest.  Such powers are applied to UK evasive plumbers, dentists and journalists – but not against VIPs and politicians. Thanks to the Guardian we now know that GCHQ and NSA knows exactly where the assets are. $3 trillion is 3 years the total UK Budget; will sweep aside all austerity measures; refill all UK banks; and create long term, intelligent, sustainable industries and jobs.

Should our so called business leaders* be exempted from tax? When Sir Richard Branson’s private Caribbean Island Tax-Haven home, mostly funded by UK consumers and taxpayers, is invaded by vicious pirates or by a hurricane – which police and armed forces will he beg for help?

*Leaders used to lead from the front; not lurk at the back like cowards, counting their ill-gotten gains.

Noel Hodson, Oxford. 

UK 2013 Budget - £612 billion ($930 billion) (39% of 2012 GDP)

Letter to New Scientist 12 Oct 13 - Undoubtedly correct, Peter Turchin’s model and book predicting outbursts of political collapse and social violence, which follow (inevitable) economic cycles; are more frightening now, with 7 billion expectant restless souls, than in 1590 – a base date he uses for trends. (Pattern behind the shutdown – NS 12 Oct 2013). But we make our future and need not be victims of cycles. E.g. Since 1590, surgeons have learned to wash their hands. The current danger can be immediately remedied by (1) repatriating the $32 trillion (80 million jobs) frozen by 0.5% of citizens in tax-havens; and investing it in sane sustainable industries and (2) sharing global wealth through BIRTHRIGHT, a necessary allocation of shares and dividend income to every new born, as automation removes paid jobs and denies access to the money-economy. These two steps, plus other changes, will create unprecedented global wealth and fairer, stable governance. As President Obama said “It is time to put away childish things”.

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