Monday, 25 November 2013



For Christmas 2013, George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer for the UK Tory Party (the nasty party) is mumbling about capping UK pay-day loan sharks, sometime – perhaps - maybe - never. 

As the super-rich of the UK have sold-off (monetized) all our industries and much of our property and infrastructure and gouged out all the cash and capital to tax-havens, which are now desperate to anonymously lend it (safely invest it) back at usurious rates, this country has only a single “commercial” activity left – money-lending. 

To protect and maximize this lone last gasp “industry” of a nation that was once the world’s industrial and trading power house, UK government, courts, police, bailiffs, bully-boys, prisons, enforcers and Ministers of The Crown, vigorously support all money lenders in charging the world’s highest official rates to impoverished citizens. Great Britain has escalated and inflated the price of money; accompanied by an astonishing example of Double-Speak and Double-Think. It is the most brass-necked example of being “economical with the truth” or in plain language, lying and deception.

While the Bank of England Base Rate sticks at the historic low 0.5% (half of one percent) for loans to banks and financial institutions, recognizing the rivers of tax-evading cash offshore – the banks in turn charge customers from 4.5% (nine times) to 5,000% (ten thousand times). The UK rule is that the richest and strongest can borrow at 3% to 5%; the poorest and weakest pay from 16% to 36% on credit cards and from 800% to 5,000% on pay-day loans. We pay the poor less than the official, Scrooge like “Living Wage”; so they HAVE to borrow monthly from our loan-sharking pals (as seen on TV). Let’s all enjoy permanently bullying the poor and weak!

Since Thatcher’s Big Bang in the mid 1980’s – based on Milton Freidman’s crazy sociopathic theories of Monetarism and the allegedly “Free Markets”, which are in fact all global cartels ripping off captive customers – the price of money has soared. This is a prime example of a vast surplus ($32 trillion offshore) being rationed to push up world prices. Money is not subject to market forces. Pre-Thatcher and Freidman, all UK loan rates above 30% were treated by British courts as usury – “contracts illegal as formed” and the loan-sharks (journeymen, back-street lenders) were imprisoned.

IF – IF – the price of money was capped at, say, 5% (ten times base, 90% profit) it would not only free hundreds of thousands of families from being oppressed by debt, it would eliminate most bad-debts and save hundreds of millions in enforcement costs. And it would reduce the cost of each stage of the production /service chain – typically 10 stages from farms and mines to consumption – and reduce most prices by 25%. It would beat inflation. The very worst, most damaging inflation is that driven by unearned income; such as interest charges.

Will Osborne and his nasty party deliver low interest to customers? Can the UK wean itself off loan-sharking, tax-evasion and bullying the weak – and invest its vast tax-haven hoards into manufacturing, infrastructure, science, industry, training and justice? Almost certainly not.

Wait for the Double-Speak, speaking with forked tongue, and the continuing elevation of the loan-sharks.

If you are among the world’s 2.1 billion Christians, or 1.5 billion Mohammedans, or 900 million Hindus, 376 million Buddhists, 23 million Sikhs, 14 million Jews; 5 million Freemasons or belong to other religious and ethical communities; you will know that your organisation outlaws sinful usury. Now is the time to stand up and be counted. A 5% cap is a good target.


NB – Australia and other nations have capped interest rates. In theory Australia has a 48% per year cap on unsecured loans; the reality for borrowers often breaches the laws. America has caps in some States - and New Zealand is resisting any cap; they love their loan-sharks. 






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