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18 NOV 2013.
To - Computer Assistance - Oxford.
Re:  Escaping from Microsoft.

Dear Raphael,


Thanks for your quick response. My wife and I will think about what to do about Windows 8 and Office 2013. We both will find a way to not use Windows 8 operating system or any allegedly improved derivatives.

Our IT savvy 13 year old grandson and hundreds of IT managers commenting on the Internet cannot use Office 2013 any faster or more efficiently than we can. Office 2013 “ribbons” are simply lazy, chaotic, irresponsible software design that offer a kit of parts to users and force them to do the programmers’ jobs for them. The result is to negate our past 25 years of learning to use Office – at huge commercial cost, lost time and aggravation to us as daily business users. Like Windows 8, it seems that Office 2013 has been designed by kiddies for kiddies, without any field testing by the millions of Microsoft business customers. Does Bill Gates use this crappy junk?

I once was a tax-adviser. The analogy is instead of me making (and charging for) informed professional choices for clients; simply tossing in front of them The Taxes and Companies Acts, Tax Cases, plus the International Double Taxation Agreements and making them choose what to do. The immature kiddies now in charge at Microsoft are only concerned with X-box games and copying our data to the NSA and GCHQ.

Most immediately and urgently I will relieve my wife of the unreliable, wavering, “Not Fit for Purpose” ASUS laptop - so that she can get on with her business as usual. The whole matter, since Microsoft withdrew support for her old PC software and sent the Blue of Screen of Death to destroy her once reliable Toshiba laptop – or was that attack a coincidence, has cost us about £1,000 in kit and £10,000 in professional time. The aggravated damages (health, distress etc) would run into 6 figures.

If it is logistically worthwhile – I will take up your offer to “downgrade” to Windows 7. But I have to also get away from Office Ribbons. This MSoft attack has almost destroyed my wife’s office, our marriage and is now a danger to my office. Microsoft “withdraw support” for Office 2003 in April 2014 – which means they will also spike my computer with the Blue Screen of Death. Is there anywhere else to go except Apple? Apple, of course, also copy all our data to the spooks. Britain is a write-off since ICL and Sinclair shut down. Does the EU /China /Russia /Japan /Google/ Manchester University/ Anyone have an alternative reliable system for business use?

As their agents – please pass this case on to Microsoft. I have other work to do. We will simply walk away from them. As a Futurist, I think Microsoft is committing suicide by “Doing a Ratner”. No business can get away with insulting, assaulting or ignoring its customers.

Noel Hodson
(Mr) Noel Hodson
16 Brookside, OXFORD, OX3 7PJ, UK 
Tel +44 (0)1865 760994

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Sent: 15 November 2013 18:43
To: Noel Hodson
Subject: Re: 15 NOV 2013: downgrade to windows 7 rights - free

I as the owner of the business feel your pain.  I absolutely HATE Windows 8 and tell everybody how much I hate it.  I have been using computers since 1984 and I want to throw it out the window!!!! Aaargh!!! 

We can try to do Windows 7 but sometimes we can't as they prevent it from being done.  I hate them.

Sue Microsoft please!!! Maybe then they will fix this disaster.
We will try to fix it as much as we can the guys in the shop are trying to come up with a solution for you.

Stick with office 2013 though. It will grow on you. It is better.

Sorry for the troubles


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From: Noel Hodson
Date:15/11/2013 13:02 (GMT+00:00)
To: Computer Assistance
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Subject: 15 NOV 2013: downgrade to windows 7 rights - free
To Computer Assistance
154 Cowley Road

15 November 2013.

Dear Sirs,


We bought an ASUS laptop from you on 30th July 2013 for my wife. It has Windows 8 and Office 2013. The system is not, in legal parlance, Fit for Purpose. Worse, it has reduced my wife to tears and brought us to the edge of divorce. We need it replaced or our money refunded.

We both have small businesses working from home. I have used MSoft PCs, laptops and desktops, since 1987 and my wife has used hers since 1995. I worked as a consultant to BT 1990 to 2000 promoting the information society and telework. I have always promoted Microsoft for business users. We are long experienced PC and Office users.

We have determinedly persevered with the laptop – you kindly downloaded a mask which replaces the old Start Button. However it is crippling my wife’s business – e.g. yesterday she wrote a 50 word professional letter, for emailing and posting, which she has done hundreds of times before. This simple task took her and me over an hour; the damned “ribbon” icons on OUTLOOK and on WORD are incomprehensible and idiotic. Simply trying to PRINT throws up unwanted questions and options; acting on them draws in unrelated pop-ups that obscure the screen. Getting past those draws the crazy “Charm” bar across the screen. Trying to file the letter – then locate it to attach to an email – trying to use OUTLOOK to attach it – are massively complex. Every time the laptop is switched on afresh – the system has changed – the whole is unstable. When working, it seem that the user is mistakenly pressing keys which trigger unwanted routines – However, our colleague who is a professional book editor in Oxford and skilled PC user, has sat with my wife and used the laptop with the same bizarre results. I use EXCEL daily, and dread to think that MSoft might force me into their mad world as my machine and software ages.

I have read hundreds of complaints about Windows 8 and Office 2013 from business users on the internet. One IT manager complains that his 100 workstations have lost 50% productivity. A senior MSoft programmer responded “Get used to it”.  Well F**** Off you arrogant git.

I read (see extract below) that MSoft will downgrade Windows 8 users to Windows 7 – which I currently use and it is stable. However, I still use Office 2003 because I like the UI and will not learn their silly unreliable messy “ribbons” which shove responsibility for hundreds of choices onto the users and away from the idiotic allegedly expert programmers. My alternative as MSoft stop supporting 2003, is to defect to AppleMac. If I have to learn new tricks, I may as well go to a reliable firm that still respects its business customers. Have MSoft never heard of Gerald Ratner? – Google “Doing a Ratner” to see how to destroy a business empire overnight by insulting your customers.  

It is not your fault that MSoft have decided to hate their best customers and commit suicide – but as we bought from you, legally we have to come back to you. I don’t know who we sue for lost time, aggravation and stress.

Can you downgrade the machine to Windows 7? Will MSoft put the old user interface back on Office for us? How do you suggest we proceed?

Do copy this to your MSoft suppliers.

Yours in anger and despair,

Noel Hodson - OXFORD - UK

Subject: downgrade to windows 7 rights - free

To downgrade Microsoft Windows or Windows Server software, customers must:
·                                 Purchase a PC preinstalled with Windows or Windows Server software.
·                                 Accept the End User Software Licence Terms.
·                                 Perform the downgrade or authorise a third party to perform it on their behalf.

The downgrade process

Follow these steps to downgrade to a previous version of Windows or Windows Server software:
1.                            Obtain genuine Windows media and a corresponding product key for the version of Windows that is eligible for downgrade.
o                                                        The media should come from a prior legally licensed version from the OEM or Retail channels.
o                                                        End users who are licensed separately through Microsoft Volume Licensing (VL) may provide their VL media and key to a system builder to facilitate the downgrade on their own systems.
2.                            Insert the downgrade-eligible version of Windows media in the CD drive and follow the installation instructions.
3.                            Type the product key.
o                                                        If the software was previously activated, you will not be able to activate it online. In this case, the appropriate local Activation Support phone number will be displayed. Call the number and explain the circumstances. When it is determined that the end user has an eligible Windows licence, the customer service representative will provide a single-use activation code to activate the software. Please note that Microsoft does not provide a full product key in this scenario.
4.                            Activate the software.

Authorising a third party to exercise downgrade rights for an end user

Provided that certain requirements are met, end users may request that another party perform the downgrade on their behalf. The following document provides clarity about how to meet those requirements, and what that process entails.
Because downgrade rights apply to end users, they are not primarily designed for third-party facilitation, which has many complications. Also, such facilitation is not suitable for carrying out on a large scale.

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