Thursday, 6 February 2014


FGM is female genital mutilation; the horrific cutting off of a woman's clitoris and genitalia in stone-age primitive societies. The Guardian newspaper today reports that 17 years old Fahma Mohammed has asked UK Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, to use the school system to help the estimated 66,000 girls who have been mutilated in Britain. 

The roots of this and other barbaric attacks on the sexuality of females lie in the world's major religions, whose male dominated misogynistic terror of females is an unconscious pale echo of the determination of chiefs, emperors, kings, dukes, aristocrats and billionaires the world over - not to be cuckolded. The fear of being fooled into raising another man's child, of having a cuckoo in the nest, has, since the beginning of time, so enraged powerful men that they forged religions, with the authority of God, to control the bodies, minds and emotions of all their subjects. This male rage is the basis of all the sexual guilt that permeates most religions, most primitive tribes, most legal systems and most of mankind. (Some sexual behavior rules are of course beneficial to health and society). Prof Richard Dawkins would probably blame the Selfish Gene; leaving men blameless. 

Primeval fears and superstitions about pro-creation and cuckolding have become so woven into the fabric of society, so commonplace, so ubiquitous, so unquestioned and impenetrable that laws have existed across the world for millennia to stamp out all sexual pleasure, to imbue all sexual acts with deep psychological guilt and to impose terrible punishments on transgressors. All to protect boss-men.

King Henry 8th decapitated wives he suspected of cheating; he hacked their heads off with an axe. Muslim communities still stone "harlots" to death; they half bury the victims upright and pick up rocks and smash the girls to death. The Afghan Courts are resurrecting similar "religious" God ordained laws now as the West retreats. 

Up to 100 years ago Anglo-Saxon male laws gave husbands property ownership of their wives and children - like herds of goats, cows and sheep; and of course gave the men total control of their family's sexual activity - love, marriages and incest. Where they could get away with it, powerful men took rights to copulate with all the choicest virgins in their district; it was called Droit de Seigneur, which religiously and legally unquestioned law permitted the Seigneur, the Lord, to deflower virgins on their wedding day - whatever the girls and their new husbands might think of it. 

So deeply embedded have these archaic "laws" and surgical assaults, imposed by bullies, barbarians and crazed, sexually bewildered religious leaders, become, mostly but not exclusively against females, that large minorities of stupid embittered women have taken the rules as "The Word of God" and like many converts do, they police these sexual laws with great zeal. When it comes to hacking off girls' genitalia, it is usually women who wield the dirty kitchen knives and razor blades. All, of course, to protect their menfolk from being cuckolded - and to reserve the girls for family friendly incest. 

The primary purpose of FGM is to prevent the victims, mostly young girls, from enjoying sex when they mature - so they won't stray from the harem. It is the same principle of slicing off a stallion's bollocks to stop its natural aggressive functions. Men were (maybe still are) similarly chopped into eunuchs, who guarded harems for the exclusive sexual pleasures of the boss-man.  Religious restrictions serve the same ends - working subtly (apart from stoning to death) through guilt on sexual young men and women alike. Aristocrats always have and always will ignore such commandments; knowing with certainty that the rules are man-made to secure their lineage and fortunes.

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