Tuesday, 27 May 2014


In this week's continent wide elections of MEPs - Members of the European Parliament - the rise and rise of extremist political parties across Europe is explained by the incumbent, dozing, complacent mainstream parties and commentators as being a rebellion against the creeping bureaucracy of the European Union.

The supine political class's and the media's self-excusing explanation is yet another delusion; another smoke and mirrors manoeuvre to obscure their own lack of leadership, vision, ability, honesty and competence. By directing the anger of the mobs against an anonymous bunch of approximately 25,000 public servants and a few hundred somnolent MEPs in Brussels and Strasbourg - who are trying to make the farms, telephones and labour markets work across a recent loosely assembled population of 550 million squabbling European citizens, speaking about 20 languages - the embedded commentators are desperately attempting to turn the stampeding mobs away from the obvious, real cause of their anger:  "Its the Economy - Stupid!"

The latter day Anglo-Saxon purblind philosophy of obscene greed, typified by short-termism and monetarism, championed by Thatcher and Reagan from 1980 onwards, crashed the global economy in 2008-09, costing tax payers in the US and Europe at least $3 trillion (8 million permanent jobs), plunging blameless, persistently underpaid, hardworking families into "the worst recession for 100 years", while the $3 trillion of tax-payers' cash was, and is continually, siphoned to the world's 70 tax-havens. All OECD liquidity has been, and continues to be, stashed away, by Thomas Piketty's (French economist) 1% of secret VIPs and gangsters.

The perpetrators, the sociopaths who have stolen society's liquidity, happily blame the $3 trillion collapse on a handful of poor sub-prime, loan-sharked mortgagees in America - whose small monthly mortgage defaults could have been plugged by any one of America's multi-billionaires. The fantasy story is that these few struggling souls destroyed the might of Wall Street and The City of  London by not making their pitiful repayments to licensed loan-sharks on time. What immense bullshit More smoke and mirrors by the greatest thieves in history.

The outward signs of inward theft by those crooked bookkeepers who manipulate the Money-Economy, which is now a false paper trail of such profound professional complexity that the whole crumpled mess will have to be swept away and burnt, is manifest in immense unemployment across Europe, as high as 50%, particularly among our young people; and in the utter, persistent lack of new investment in modern industries, while $32 trillion (80 million jobs) sits idle in tax-havens. Caught between these cruel pincers of no jobs and capital on strike - which no politicians will even acknowledge - the ignorant, bewildered, deluded mobs see no hope, no future, no vision for mankind; and their despair is turning to rage. 

This month, it is a low level rage, a deferential and polite rage, a civilized forelock tugging rumbling rage - which the fascist and extremist new wave of rabble-rousers - the new revolutionaries - are irresponsibly, gleefully harnessing and honing into hatred. Under triumphant banners, they are mobilizing the mobs against any definable minority they can find. The nebulous, meandering European Parliament and Commission is an easy "They" to direct primitive minds and emotions against. Immigrants look and sound different - they can also be classed as The Enemy of The People - and hated. And then of course there are the traditional enemies who are being targeted as hate figures. I left peaceful, cosmopolitan, bureaucratic Brussels last Saturday, just an hour before an enraged lunatic killed four people at the Jewish Museum. Was it the Muslims? We can turn our uninformed, sound-bite, politically sanctioned hatred on them too. 

The banal, angry  and stupid rabble have so far only taken a small percentage of political positions. They are still in the political minority. But these small gains have swollen their ambitions to sweep across the world - and build an empire that will last for a thousand years. For the good of the people. Hail our New Great Leaders!

The real villains - the paralyzed capitalists on strike - the clever secretive gangs that will risk revolution and war rather than use the tax-haven hoarded assets to re-boot the stalled world economy, are prepared to plunge us all into chaos, before redistributing income and capital. They have got it all - and they intend to hang onto it - to the death. This group of super-rich are a "They" who could immediately make a better world. 

Take heed. The old, embedded majority of politicians, media and opinion-formers must act now if they and our communities are to survive and weather the gathering storm. 

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